Not entirely sure i've posted in the right section, apologies if not.

Keeper of the light seems like a brilliant hero, but just from playing over the past day or so since he was introduced, pub games are horrendous.

As usual, the melee carries such as Phantom Assassin, Anti Mage and Chaos Knight stack up. Keeper of the light is almost always picked atm, as with all new heroes.
More often than not the people on the EU servers don't speak english, so i can't communicate with them and help them avoid Illuminate.
Keeper's Q ability is perfectly fine on all counts, other than the range in my opinion. It can blow half your health early-mid game and it decimates your entire creep wave. With a non-english speaking lane partner, on top of the fact that you rarely see roamers or help from other lanes in pub games, Keeper players generally own their lane and the tier 1 falls within the first 10 minutes.

As i said, the issue my friends and I are having is that he can constantly refill his mana pool and spam off Q's at insane range. We can only ward so much of an area to see when he's casting so that we can move, but it's not always possible to see it coming. Not only that, but the range means you can't run and the damage wipes your creep wave.
The damage and channel time are perfectly fine and the width of the spell animation isn't too difficult to avoid. As a party of 5, we can shut him down. He's just to tough to handle when your team don't pick heroes that can work well with each other and are usually all melee and when you ask a randomer from another lane to gank so you can counter push, you get a response along the lines of
"I give your mom a b***job and f*** her hard and you suck noob i report you axaxaxaxaxaxa"

The range of Illuminate is just insane though. Personaly i think the range of it needs reducing by about 25% although the width seems fine