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Undying's plague aura damage amplification question

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  • Undying's plague aura damage amplification question

    The tooltip of Undying's plague aura makes it sound like the amount of extra damage taken by affected enemies is somehow proportional to the unit's distance to undying (in flesh golem form). However, as far as I can tell by looking at replays, units that are very close to undying does take the maximum amplification (30% if skill is maxed) but all units that have just a little bit of distance to him always takes the minimum extra damage (15%). Is this intended? I expected a unit close to him to take 30% extra, someone at say 300 units away to take 25% and someone at the edge of the aura to take 15%. I have not been able to test this in WC3-dota so I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended and perhaps only a bit unclear in the tooltip.

  • #2
    “the closer to Undying, the more damage.” copied from the tooltip. not sure which part is not clear though


    • #3
      Personally, when I read “the closer to Undying, the more damage.” and the tooltip also specifies "Maximum/Minimum Damage Amplification" I get the impression that the damage should scale relatively smoothly in relation to distance, not just giving max damage in melee range and min otherwise.


      • #4
        ^the damage amplification is linear. just like spectre's dispersion.


        • #5
          Ok, linear amplification fits the skill description nice.

          However, it seems all units affected are always taking either Maximum amplification damage (30%) or Minimum (15%) - never anything in-between as one would suspect if it would truly be linear. Maybe I'm interpreting the combat log incorrectly or it might be this way by design (I don't have access to WC3-dota to test how it works there). Otherwise it might be a real bug because to me it does not look like it is behaving linearly at all, it's either min or max.

          Can anyone confirm that the damage amplification is not linear in dota2 and perhaps test to see how it behaves in dota1?


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            It is currently non-linear in Dota 2 (abruptly shifts from minimum to maximum), and looking at the code dump from DotA, it should be linear (over 200, up to 200 range it's the maximum).


            • #7
              ^err...really? then this should be moved to bug section... how about dispersion, is it linear or not?


              • #8
                Dispersion seems to be linear.


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                  Originally posted by Baloroth View Post
                  It is currently non-linear in Dota 2 (abruptly shifts from minimum to maximum), and looking at the code dump from DotA, it should be linear (over 200, up to 200 range it's the maximum).
                  first 175 units are 30% and the rest is 15%.
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