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[False] Smoke of Deceit Jungling - Bug or intended?

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  • [False] Smoke of Deceit Jungling - Bug or intended?

    Hey guys,

    for the last days, whenever I am jungling with darkseer, and I'm using smoke of deceit to farm a stacked neutral camp with the ion shell, the netral creeps will run around in random directions, making it impossible to distribute damage to all of them.

    I do remember this mechanic used to work differently, that the neutrals just stood still and you could easily farm them just by standing beside them.

    Is this a bug or is this and intended change, to "nerf" smoke jungling? (if yes it is ridiculous)

    If you want to see it: MatchID: 29646365 ; somewhere around the 6 minute mark.
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    Intended change. Neutrals are supposed to run when they take damage from invisible units, but they've been broken for, well, ever.
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    • #3
      In dota 1 this was the neutrals ai(they would run from invi dmg),but until the latest patch the dota 2 behaviour was "broken"(reason why sk's sandstorm did not dmg them etc..).
      As a player I am happy that the stupidly easy jungling is no more.


      • #4
        3 words:
        Read. Patch. Notes

        Also, yes, it was a bug, the AI for neutrals was not implemented (they still need to sleep at night)
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        • #5
          Working as intended, the neutrals did not run away before because it was not yet implemented (the reason why sandstorm was disabled from damaging neutrals).
          Now they fixed it and made it consistent with Wc3 dota, so that they run when unknown damage hits them.

          No bug - Closed.
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