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Return / tether on wisp teleporting a second time inexplicably

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  • AndR
    Indeed it seems the tether is broken in the next tick after furion teleports in. Order of actions:

    1. Cast relocate : [32:28.47] Wisp receives Teleporting buff from Wisp.
    2. Cast tether: [32:30.01] Wisp receives Tethered buff from Wisp, Nature's Prophet receives Tethered buff from Wisp.
    3. Relocated to fountain: [32:30.74] Wisp loses Teleporting buff, Wisp receives Return buff from Wisp.
    4. Break tether: [32:32.11] Nature's Prophet loses Tethered buff. Wisp loses Tethered buff.
    5. Furion starts teleporting: [32:42.00] Nature's Prophet receives Teleporting buff from Nature's Prophet.
    6. Wisp returned: [32:42.77] Wisp loses Return buff.
    7. Tether Morphling: [32:44.97] Wisp receives Tethered buff from Wisp, Morphling receives Tethered buff from Wisp.
    8. Nature's Prophet teleports in: [32:45.04] Nature's Prophet loses Teleporting buff.
    9. Wisp is relocated to fountain: [32:45.10] Morphling loses Tethered buff, Wisp loses Tethered buff.

    Couldn't reproduce, seems there's more to it than just prophet teleporting somewhere when wisp returns.
    Last edited by AndR; 08-04-2012, 07:16 PM.

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  • clan_iraq
    Yeah I read through the log, I definitely didn't click on prophet, so its probably not that- I was trying to provide le healing to le morphling, but the gods of dota saw fit to bounce me around the map.
    I'm thinking its something with the way tether is supposed to be triggered with relocate to return. Remember, I cast tether about 2 seconds before I cast relocate, and cast tether again right as it got off cooldown, so maybe it went like this?:

    0 seconds: Cast relocate
    2 seconds: Cast tether on prophet
    2.25 seconds: Relocate to fountain with prophet
    4 seconds: End tether
    14 seconds: Tether cooldown ends
    14.25 seconds: Relocate to scourge alone
    15 seconds: Cast tether on morphling, instantly teleport back to fountain?

    Something along those lines, I'll check it out for exact times. But what if somehow the inverse order screwed it up so tether was acting as if it was still in relocate-mode for another 2 seconds or so?

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  • Pyros
    Expected Glimpse, but nope. Seems like a bug yeah. Could have been posted directly in the other subforum since this was definitely a bug report, and you actually took the time to provide a direct link to the right time as well as detailed explanations. I wonder if for some reason it tried to tether to Prophet instead who was still in the base just before he TPed in, but that seems weird.

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  • Return / tether on wisp teleporting a second time inexplicably


    So here's the basic gist of what happens. I'm on sentinel as a Wisp. At the scourge base, I cast relocate, then tether a furion (note I do relocate first), saving him, teleporting us back to our fountain. I release the tether, and 12 seconds later I return to the scourge base alone (furion can teleport back):

    [32:42.77] Wisp loses Return buff.

    However, I cast tether again about 2 seconds later targeting an allied morphling who is right there:

    [32:44:97] Wisp receives Tether buff from Wisp
    [32:44:97] Morphling receives Tether buff from Wisp

    And thats where it screws up horribly. Wisp immediately teleports back to the fountain and loses the tether buff, morphling is still at the scourge base. Somehow casting tether immediately and inexplicably warped me right back to our own fountain, a second (third) cross-map movement after the relocate.

    So what the heck happened? I can't pin down this glitch. Prophet happened to teleport back to the scourge base at almost *exactly* the same time I cast the tether that teleported me back to the base. Was that just coincidence, or at the root of something? Morphling was not using his replicate or waveform. The game was paused just before the relocate's duration ended for quite some time- you can read the messages in all-chat. Did pausing have some effect on tether? I did not return to the exact position where I had arrived at the fountain with the relocate, nor did I return to the position from which I left the fountain- it was a little distance from either of those. It was well before ds cast his vacuum so it wasn't caused by that. Morphling had a linkens that was off cd, but other than that, I can't see any factors- and it sure didn't display the 'blocked by linkens' animation, sound, or put it on cd.

    All I can tell from the replay is that the instant I cast tether on morphling, I teleported clear across the map for no apparent reason, and the tether broke within a tenth of a second. All I can deduce from that is that its some kind of glitch with the way tether itself is triggered. Something must have gone funky with the coordinates that tether is supposed to drag me to. If you watch extremely closely at the lowest speed, you can see the wisp zoom across the map, not moving instantly from one point to another- but maybe thats just a display issue.