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[False] Alchemist Chemical rage and Goblins greed bugs

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  • [False] Alchemist Chemical rage and Goblins greed bugs


    Match ID 35040186

    Just played a game with alchemist. Goblins greed was caping at +16 gold (and showing some other odd mechanics). Chemical rage was not granting health as expected either.

    Sorry my audio is not recording correctly. The first +16 gold occurs at 22:32. The next minion is killed at 22:43 and grants +16 gold 22:47 +16 gold 22:53 +12 gold 23:01 +14.

    Goblin's Greed

    Also I did the math on the gold gained, it is not just a visual bug.

    With Chemical rage I ulted at 31 health and did not receive any bonus health (except max possible health). Combat log

    [30:12.37] Alchemist receives Chemical Rage buff from Alchemist.
    [30:12.54] Axe hits Ranged Creep for 79 damage.
    [30:12.54] Ranged Creep is killed by Axe.
    [30:12.57] Invoker hits Melee Creep for 167 damage.
    [30:12.57] Melee Creep is killed by Invoker.
    [30:12.97] Melee Creep receives Freezing Slow debuff from Lich.
    [30:12.97] Melee Creep hits Alchemist for 12 damage (65->53).
    [30:13.01] Rubick hits Alchemist with Unstable Concoction Throw for 207 damage.
    [30:13.01] Alchemist is killed by Rubick's Unstable Concoction Throw.
    [30:13.01] Alchemist loses Chemical Rage buff.

    At 32:17 I used Chemical rage when I was at 1021 / 1236 health and it went to 1521 / 1836. It seems it is only granting a percentage of the health that it is supposed to grant and the combat log is not listing the health granted.

    I found a duplicate of the goblins greed bug but this was ignored back in January. I did not find a duplicate of the Chemical rage bug also I dont know if this is a bug since I
    don't know the dota 1 mechanics for chemical rage.
    Last edited by AvatarOG; 08-23-2012, 12:05 PM. Reason: False report
    LoL = Checkers. DoTa = Chess.

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    Good detailed report, sadly you're wrong the mechanics of those spells so both reports are false.

    Goblin Greed works on individual timers. Say you kill a creep every 8seconds. At 0seconds, you kill a creep, get +8gold(from lvl 4 greed); at 8seconds, you get +10gold; at 16secs you get +12gold; at 20seconds, your first buff drops; at 24seconds, you get +12 gold again because the first buff dropped; at 28seconds, 2nd buff drops; 32secs you get +12gold again and so on. The entire stack isn't maintained as long as you kill creeps every 20secs, that's intended.

    On the second issue, the spell adds maximum hp and scales your current health so you get the same % when you use it. It will always "heal" for less than the maximum value unless you're at full health already.


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      Damn alchemist sucks. Ya I just went into a custom game and got Goblins greed to cap at 26. Well guess Ill just repick any time I random him. Sorry for the false report.
      Last edited by AvatarOG; 08-23-2012, 12:04 PM.
      LoL = Checkers. DoTa = Chess.