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Attack speed can go beyond 400

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  • Attack speed can go beyond 400

    I am not sure if this is true or not (at least it seemed so) but you can get attack speed beyond 400 (not just visual).
    I tested it with tiny with 5 mjolnirs+beastmaster's aura and drums and tiny seemed to attack faster(dropping one of the mjolnirs caused him to attack slower but he was still above 400 IAS).

    Repro Steps:
    Get lots of mjolnirs and beast on a hero and test on rosh since he takes a while to kill.

    Hero attacks faster with IAS above 400

    Expected Result:
    IAS should cap at 400

    Can someone confirm this?

    Even if its not true, it still says that your attack speed is going above 400.
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    Test it with 6 mjollnir's and not on Tiny (he has -50 AS with his ultimate, so 5*80+10 (drums) + 40 (beastmaster) is only +400 total: dropping a Mjollnir is supposed to drop his attack speed).

    Unless it got broken in a recent patch, you can't go over +400. It won't have any effect.


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      Well, Attack Speed value is not the same as IAS value.

      IAS is capped at 400, yes, but the attack speed number starts at 100 + your base agi, so the 'cap' here is at 500 attack speed (400 'increased' attack speed)

      And I believe the number can go above 500, just that it won't have any effect (the extra will matter when you run into IAS reduction effects like frost nova slow or Shiva's aura)
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        I did a custom game, gave myself 6 mjollnir's on a level 25 invoker. Maxed Wex and Exort and cast alacrity. There was no difference in attack speed when alacrity was and wasnt cast. .34 seconds between attacks.
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          It's just a visual bug. IIRC Ursa's attack speed shows as some massive number when he pops overpower, but he still attacks at the normal max.
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            The attack speed cap is 500 on MOST heroes, in Dota 2 when a BAT below 1.7 is used the cap is increased and all IAS is multiplied, so your attack speed is the same as what you'd expect. Try using Syllabear's bear for a comparison, from level one to 4 the "Attack speed" value in the unit stats increase, but it's really changing the BAT by multiplying by a factor
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              Okay, thanks for the clarification.