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Leaving the game while loading to avoid matches.

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  • Leaving the game while loading to avoid matches.

    Have you ever loaded into the game, and all of a sudden saw the enemy team was 5x [TeamName].Player and didn't feel like you wanted to play against a stack? Well this is 100% avoidable by simply pressing ctrl+alt+del and closing dota2.exe and then waiting for 2 minutes before logging into the game.Now while i really love doing that to premades and sending them back to waiting for their next easy targets, you might want to add abandons to such actions, which is why I'm reporting it as a bug.

  • #2
    Originally posted by Syrrax23 View Post
    simply pressing ctrl+alt+del and closing dota2.exe
    or just go to menu and press Quit button, or use "quit" console command

    What if person not trying avoid game, but really have some problem on load screen (crash/isp problems) and cat reconnect back in time, you want him to be punished too? I think 2 min low priority for not loading is enough.


    • #3
      There is a very simple fix to that problem.
      Fix matchmaking, so people know that it's fair (right now I bet the majority of community thinks it's not). Then they won't need to leave like that.


      • #4
        its okay, if you don't want to play with someone (ignored or just remember nickname) you can leave while loading. if matchmaking not working properly, why normal people have to play with stupid?


        • #5
          Hell no.

          Leaving in loading screen is needed because:

          1. It is useful against stacks.
          2. It is useful when you spot your team has noobs/obvious trolls.
          3. The 1st load takes forever to load... if that loader doesn't connect, he gets abandon?
          4. Someone dces while loading. Same as above.

          Fix matchmaking then maybe add a small punishment like 5 minute queue ban for loading screen quits.


          • #6
            I think they'll do a once-over on the matchmaking algo and the performance chart but first I'd rather see some bugfixes (especially crash-fixes) first.
            Matchmaking is secondary imo (you can always get a party afterall)
            Explanations on the normal, high and very high brackets in replays: here, here & here
            Why maphacks won't work in D2: here