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Alchemist's ult increasing attack speed.

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  • Alchemist's ult increasing attack speed.

    Hello. First of all, i don't have WC3dota installed so i can't test it. I played alchemist today after 6.75 patch and saw that ulti increases attack speed, although it says that it only increases BAT.

    Screenshots attached. As you can see, there is only one level difference between them, but after using ulti i got around 20 bonus attack speed. If it really adds attack speed instead of BAT and it is not intended, ten it can seriously affect gameplay in the later stages of the game when you can get to the max attack speed because of it and lose some attacks. IF it works as intended, then sorry, this is far from being obvious.

    Also, sorry for grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.
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    First, it reduce bat (base attack time) Thus you attack faster.

    Your attack speed is : (1+%ias)/bat

    for almost every heroes, bat = 1.7
    Thus, if you have bat < 1.7 you attack faster (with same ias) than som1 with a bat of 1.7
    and alchemist ult, reduce his bat from 1.7 to 1.4/1.2/1


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      Yes, i know. But it should not increase attack speed stat directly. If i have 100 attack speed, then after using ulti i will have 100 attack speed and i will attack faster because of lower BAT. Right now my attack speed stat increases. Right now it seems to me that instead of decreasing BAT it increases attack speed, that means that instead of possible 5 attacks per second in the late game ( 5/1) you can get only 5/1.7 attacks.

      Look at the screenshots.


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        In this case, you have 24 agility = 24% IAS / BAT time of 1.4 = 0.886s attacks per second, or 1.13 seconds per attack (as the game displays it). The calculations make sense, so the game IS actually just giving a false IAS value (IAS remains the same regardless of BAT, only the overall attack speed changes). I think this may be due to a difference in the dota 2 attack speed mechanics: dota 2 is recalculating the IAS values, instead of the overall values.

        So technically this is neither wrong nor right. Instead of altering BAT, the game has modified the IAS instead - it leads to the same overall result, but the in-game tooltip is a bit misleading. All good now?
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        Does anyone else think that Icefrog didn't make this update?


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          I bought 5 butter and 1 hyperstone, + levelup 25, then i used ultimate, and time for attaak was 0.2, as exepected.

          But, i had some strange value for the total as, like if it was using the 1.15 bat formula, but with the max attack cap of 1.00 bat

          Edit: we can even see it in your screen shot for the 2nd part

          you have 123 as, if ult is updating correctly, you should have 123*1.7/1.4 ~=149 as after using it
          But you only have 123*1.7/1.45 ~=144 as

          Edit2: after making some calculation on your screen shot the time for attack is correct, but the as value is 2 times wrong.

          First, it is wrong cause changing with bat (anyway that's not a big deal)
          Second, if we accept the changing as with changing bat, it is wrong, cause it update as with old value of alchemist's ult
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            Then it is only visual. No bug here. I just thought that that ias could reach 5 and then become maxed.

            Edit: checked treant, he has 1.9 BAT now, 104 attack speed at level one. Yeah, DOTA 2 recalculates attack speed. Close thread.
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              The attack speed display is buggy as hell, just ignore it.
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                Both the IAS and IAS cap are modified with BAT different to 1.7, so yeah just a visual as people before have said.
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                  Originally posted by Wyn-Ryder View Post
                  Both the IAS and IAS cap are modified with BAT different to 1.7, so yeah just a visual as people before have said.
                  it might not be only visual in some cases. visage's familiars for example.


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                    Last time I checked you couldn't check the AS of non-hero units? With a few exceptions, such as spirit bear. I haven't played the new patch though, so mm...
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