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Tiny cant toss over black hole?

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  • Tiny cant toss over black hole?

    Not 100% sure, anyone know why?

  • #2
    When 2 movement effects attempt to work on 1 unit, the last one takes priority. Hence, because Black Hole basically re-applies its movement effect dozens of times per second, where as Toss' movement effect is only applied upon cast, the Black Hole instantly negates the toss.
    I'm not entirely sure if it's intended or not, but currently that's the way it works in Dota 2.
    Certainly it prevents some weird situations with things like Toss and Hook mixing, which usually causes the unit to start teleporting all over the place in WC3 DotA. However, at the same time it also prevents things like stacking Force Staff effects.


    • #3
      Black Hole shouldn't prevent that. Black Hole just creates an Area where all enemies get pulled, not groundblocked or something, so tiny should be able to Toss over Black Hole and the unit should still being pulled to the center of the Black Hole in the air, like a coordinate movement.


      • #4
        It's like SB's bash affecting tossed units and cancelling toss, all forced movements override all other forced movements. This is sort of iffy in WC3 as they both happened and the outcome wasn't certain. They really need to develop a logical system for forced movements and add exceptions instead of the blanket "all forced movements override all other forced movements" as it is currently.
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        • #5
          Actually no, the blackhole stops all the movement, the toss is a movement that hits when gets to the target, it's ok that the movement gets interrupted since the blackhole cuts the movement and then applies the effect (you can also hook a unit while flying because of the toss)


          • #6
            How does it work on WC3?


            • #7
              In WC3 toss and other things works weirdly, you get teleported if you're affected by multiple forced movements at once, like if chen sends you back midflight you end up flying to the location from the fountain, with the remaining duration on your flight equal to what it was before (so basically you fly REALLY QUICKLY, and the toss duration is still the same).

              Similar thing *SHOULD* happen with blackhole, can't test until tomorrow - you would appear to be sucked towards it then proceed to fly over it to your final destination.
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