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[Inconsistency] Forced Hero Picker Interface & Inability to play the game immediately

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  • [Inconsistency] Forced Hero Picker Interface & Inability to play the game immediately

    ... Accidentally pressed enter, I will edit, it may take a while. It is ok if this thread gets deleted until then.

    The greatest edit of all times:

    Okay, enough. I hate the User Interface section. Those guys over there promote unrealistic [Suggestions], and only look at the pictures, and simply ignore the black text. They also read the colorful texts. They are like bunch of children who adore books with pics.
    And since this is not just a plain [Suggestion], I thought it should be ok to post about it here:

    As we all know, the Dota 2 is almost entirely different from W3 DotA when it comes to hero picking. If you do not know, I suggest you to have a look at this. I explained there how it used to be on W3 DotA thoroughly. If you don't want to read that wall of text, request me to make a video about it, and I will do it within a couple of days, or maybe even within half an hour.

    Right now, we can't see what's going on the map if we do not pick a hero. This includes; what items our teammates have bought and which lanes they are going.
    Also, we can't hop into the game immediately after picking our hero. We just have to wait for that 1 minute, which came out of nowhere. Such thing was never present on DotA history, at least on last 5 years... Did this come from the LoL and HoN things? If so, why are we inheriting ****-**** from those games?

    I mean, I'm pretty much sure that W3 allows IceFrog to implement him a 1 minute delay before allowing players to play the game. There are many other custom maps out there with this "feature".
    But he didn't, so why is it present on Dota 2?

    We are simply forced to see that Hero Picking Interface for 1 minute. And not just that, even after the 1 minute ends, we are still forced to view that thing until we pick a hero.
    This wasn't the case on W3 DotA.

    Actually, there already was a 10-15 seconds of delay before being able to hop into the game. There was this brief mode input period.
    So, I think reducing the forced Hero Picker Interface period down to 10 seconds would be optimal, and also make the game consistent with W3 DotA.

    Also, this game needs a button to toggle the Hero Picker Interface, to make it appear and disappear. We weren't forced to view the Taverns on DotA, we could see the whole map (with fog of course) along with the minimap.
    We could also write in global chat before we picked a hero. Now, we can't do that unless we have enabled the console, and have some knowledge about how to use it...

    Even now, these issues are really important. But when the Goblin Techies gets released... I just can't think of a Techies who is unable to Mine camp the secret shop enterance, or some other spots like ramps down to the rune spots...
    This thing causes every player/every hero to lose 45 seconds at minimum effectively.
    And all that Valve needs to do is, to do it like it is on Practice Lobbies. We are able to play as soon as we pick our heroes there.
    And also adding the toggle I have explained would be awesome. With that toggle, the chat area on the Hero Picker Interface can be omitted, since we will be able to chat from the regular chat interface.

    Again, these are not plain [Suggestions]. These are some suggestions that are addressing the inconsistency between Dota 2 and its predecessor, DotA. So this is more like a [Bug] report. A bug that affects each hero, on each game played every day.
    Last edited by ThoAppelsin; 10-07-2012, 02:23 PM.

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    I find your lack of suggestion disturbing.
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      Tears will be shed if Techies gets released without this issue being fixed...


      • #4
        I think it has something to do about repick, currently, there's no option to repick, if you remove the hero pick interface, there's currently no way to get it back + if you clicked to fast, / accidentaly press alt+enter instead of enter when chatting, you cann't get the hero pick interface back to skin your hero.

        So yes, we need to close it earlier, when techies will be out, but first, we need a commande such as -repick, or/and -skin, to open it again.


        • #5
          I wasn't suggesting to make players hop directly into the game after pressing the "Pick X" button.
          I was suggesting to make the "Play X" button available after the first 10 seconds of the game. Something similar to the one we have on custom games with 1 or 2 players.

          You still will be able to repick if you after you pick an accidental pick.


          • #6
            yeah, what i meant is like you, you have play X button available after the first 10 sec, but in addition what i was suggesting, was to had a cmd (or something similar) to reopen the hero pick interface afterward (to put some skin while moving -techies especially again, or anyone against techies who wanted to check where he put his first mine-)