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Updated list of what should Dark Pack remove

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  • Updated list of what should Dark Pack remove

    This is updated version of list from playdota
    Generated it for 6.78b.
    Few issues:

    - ID's are taken from code, descriptions however are taken from abilities and units, so there is chance that some ability might place that buff in JASS, but it's not described in either units/abilities. (so some sneaky code would place quillbeast poison debuff and we wouldn't know to check for it)
    - some abilities description might never be visible in game as they serve some different purposes (ministuns, minislows, miniminis)
    - some abilities listed here, are no longer in use anymore (I suspect B08S, as analysing code I think it's stun part of old Naix openwounds (it doesn't stun anymore, and You can see here B02D:Enfeeble, but it's old code, current is A02Q, which, as said thousand times, can't be dispeled )
    - some abilities description might be from w3 units, impossible to create
    - this buffremoving list is also used for Legion Press The Attack, Tide Krakenshell, Weaver ult, Oracle ult

    This is short version - duplicated names (from different level of abilities) are removed. I will investigate it later, are there abilities which put different buffids on different level, and some can be dispeled, some not (like for example 1lvl can be, 2nd not, etc), at the moment I hope there are not.

    XXX= buff id
    YYY = description, if present of buff
    AAA = ability which "directly" places such BUFF
    OWNER: = owner of the ability, if easily detectable (unit has AAA in his 'heroAbilList' or 'abilList' )

    [B06Z] Poison | "Quilbeast":"Quilbeast Poison" , "Greater Quilbeast":"Quilbeast Poison"
    [BPSE] | "Skeleton King":"Hellfire Blast" , Earth , Earth , "Earth Level 3" , "Earth Level 4":Hurl Boulder , Doom Guard , Centaur Khan:War Stomp , "Time Stop" , "Slithereen Crush" , "Slayer":"Light Strike Array" , "Vengeful Spirit":"Magic Missile" , Bash , "Dwarven Sniper":"Headshot" , "Chaos bolt 1" , "Marksmanship" , "Reverse Polarity" , "Tormented Soul":"Split Earth" , "Bounty Hunter":"Shuriken Toss" , "Bash 10%" , "Remote Mine 1" , "MKB" , "Centaur Warchief":"Hoof Stomp" , "Bash 15%" , "Sunder projectile enemy" , "Troll Warlord" , "Troll Warlord":Bash , "stealthstomp" , "Dwarven Sniper":"Assassinate" , "Necrolyte":"Reaper's Scythe" , "Entrench" , "Ogre Magi":"Fireblast" , "Ravage" , "Dragon Tail" , "Spirit Lance" , "Aftershock Effect" , "Fissure" , "Craggy damage" , "Avalanche (cast)" , "Malefice stun" , "Anti-Mage" , "Dummy: SlowTurn-Range" , "Dummy: FastTurn-Melee" , "Dummy: SlowTurn-Melee" , "Dummy: FastTurn-Range" , "Fire Panda" , "Fire Panda":"Mana Void" , "Time Stop caster" , "Temporal Drag" , "Charge of Darkness Stun" , "Requiem of Souls" , "Time Walk" , "Avalanche" , "Juggernaut":"Omnislash" , "Paralyzing casks effect" , "Dispersion Stun" , "Beastmaster":"Primal Roar" , "Carrion Beetle" , Storm Bolt , "Lord of Olympus":"Lightning Bolt" , "Basic Stun" , "BlowDart" , "Ministun" , "Vacuum Stun" , "Generic_Ministun" , "Expulsion" , "PrismaticPrison_Ministun" , "PrismaticPrison_Ministun Main" , "Open Wounds" , "OpenWounds" , "Paralyzing casks effect fast" , "Generic_Stun" , "Cold Snap ministun" , "Dummy AOE Stun" , "Mark of Fire Stun" , "Hookshot Stun" , "Avalanche Stomp" , "Shackleshot Stun" , "Ghostship" , "Roshan":Bash , "Cranium Basher" , "Fireblast Multi" , "Assassinate upgrade" , "Omnislash upgrade" , "Scarab" , "Scarab":"Infestation" , "Stone Form Stun" , "Supernova Stun 7" , "Supernova Stun 3" , "Supernova Stun 2" , "Supernova Stun 1" , "Supernova Stun 4" , "Supernova Stun 5" , "Supernova Stun 6" , "Supernova Stun 8" , "Cold Shoulder Stun" , "Chainfreeze Stun" , "Spark" , "Freeze Sword Bash - 3" , "Freeze Sword Bash - 2" , "Freeze Sword Bash - 1" , "Walrus Punch Stun 1" , "Walrus Punch Stun 2" , "Cold Shoulder Stun Buildings" , "Supernova Stun" , "Bash Phoenix" , "Walrus Punch" , "Reincarnation Stun" , "Annihilator Stun" , "Frostwyrm Trap Stun" , "Waveform Stun" , "Winter's Curse Stun" , "Stone Gaze Stun", also Impale based stuns (lion, NA)
    [B06Q] Beast Roar | "Lion Roar Effect":"Beast Roar (Side Effect)"
    [BSTN] | "Generic_Ministun" , "Expulsion" , "PrismaticPrison_Ministun" , "PrismaticPrison_Ministun Main" , "Fissure_Stun" , "Cold Snap ministun" , "Sentinel_Stun" , "Stone Gaze Stun"
    [BHtc] Thunder Clap | Pandaren Brewmaster:Thunder Clap , "Thundergod's Wrath" , "Temporal Drag" , "Time Walk" , "Lion Roar Effect":"Beast Roar (Side Effect)" , Polar Furbolg Ursa Warrior:Thunder Clap , "Ghost Revenant":"Exhaustion" , "No Quarter" , "Concussive Shot Slow" , "Winter's Call"
    [B0BM] | "Great Stomp Effect" , "Great Stomp" ( Tauren Chieftain(Elder Titan) Echo Stomp)
    [B0BR] Earthsplitter | "Earthsplitter Slow"
    [B0C1] Entangling Roots | "Entangle Buff 2"
    [BEer] Entangling Roots | "Entangle" , Entangling Roots
    [B02U] Viscous Nasal Goo | "Snot"
    [B07E] Poison Sting | "Blowdart" , "BlowDart" , "Shadow Priest":"Poison Touch"
    [B0CF] | "Cold Feed Stun"
    [B06M] | "Dispersion Stun"
    [B07N] Ministun | "Ministun"
    [B00Q] | "Time Stop" , "Smoke Screen" , "Time Stop caster" , "Vacuum Stun" , "Chain Freeze" , "Greater Bash Stun" , "Spirit Bash Stun" , "Telekinesis Stun" , "Frostwyrm Trap Stun" , "Winter's Curse Stun"
    [B072] | "Unstable Concoction"
    [BUan] Malefice | "Malefice" , "Malefice stun"
    [B095] | "Battery Assault"
    [B083] Life Break | "Soul Eater" , "Overload" , "MageArmor" , "Electric Vortex"
    [B02V] Epicenter | "Epicenter" , "Epicenter Slow"
    [B01Y] | "Charge of Darkness"
    [BNab] Gush | Acid Bomb , "Tidehunter":"Gush" , "Hand of Midas"
    [B08R] Open Wound | "Wound"
    [B066] Frostmourne | "Lord of Avernus":"Frostmourne"
    [B03I] Dismember | "Butcher":"Dismember" , "Dismember Upgraded"
    [B063] Slithereen Crush | "Slithereen Crush"
    [Bena] Ensnare | Raider:Ensnare , Dark Troll Warlord , Murloc Nightcrawler:Ensnare , "Entangle Buff 2" , "Phoenix Ensnare - 1" , "Phoenix Ensnare - 2"
    [Beng] Ensnare | Raider:Ensnare , Dark Troll Warlord , Murloc Nightcrawler:Ensnare , "Entangle Buff 2" , "Phoenix Ensnare - 1" , "Phoenix Ensnare - 2"
    [B03C] Spirit Lance | "Spirit Lance Banish" , "Spirit Lance (Cripple)" , "Spirit Lance Slow"
    [B00L] Track | "Bounty Hunter":"Track"
    [BHca] Cold Arrows | "Drow Ranger":Frost Arrows , Ghost:"Frost Attack"
    [Bcsd] Cold Arrows | "Drow Ranger":Frost Arrows , Ghost:"Frost Attack"
    [B079] Geostrike | "Geomancer" , "Geomancer":"Geostrike" , "Living Dead":"Deathstrike"
    [B0BQ] Stone Gaze | Purge , "Stone Gaze Slow"
    [B0B9] Fiery Soul | "Fiery Soul Bonus - 3b"
    [Bprg] Purge | Shaman:Purge , Satyr Trickster:Purge , Item Purge , "Overload" , "Shadow Demon":"Demonic Purge" , "Purge - Bloodrage"
    [B08M] Psionic Trap | "Psionic Trap Slow"
    [B02G] Earthshock | "Ursa Warrior":"Earthshock"
    [B01X] Bloodrage | "Bloodseeker":"Bloodrage"
    [B01D] Incapacitating Bite | "Incapacitating Bite" , "Sand Storm effect"
    [B092] Stifling Dagger | "Stifling Knife Slow" , "Freezing Field Slow" , "Freezing Field Slow Aghanim"
    [B0AQ] Venomous Gale | "Shadowstrike Model":Shadow Strike
    [BEsh] Shadow Strike | Shadow Strike , "Netherdrake":"Viper Strike" , "Queen of Pain":Shadow Strike
    [B017] Frostbite | "Crystal Maiden":"Frostbite"
    [B0AE] Electric Vortex (Caster) | "Electric Vortext" , "Lasso"
    [B0AD] Electric Vortex | "Electric Vortext" , "Lasso"
    [B08O] Silence | Silence , "Concussive Shot Silence"
    [Bfro] | Ogre Magi:Frost Armor , "Skadi Ranged" , "Dragon Knight":Frost Breath , Melee Cold Damage Bonus , "Crystal Nova Caster" , "Freezing Field 1" , Frost Nova , Lich:Frost Nova , "Dual Breath Slow" , "Arctic Blast" , "Frost Attack (Lucy)"
    [B027] Poison Nova | "Poison Nova 1"
    [B028] Poison Nova | "Poison Nova 1" , "Poison Nova damage" , "Poison Nova Icon"
    [B05H] Penitence | "Holy Knight":"Penitence"
    [B0BS] Sticky Napalm | all combinations of 4 levels 10 stacks
    [Bcri] Grave Chill | Doom Guard:Cripple , "Omnislash" , "Nether Swap" , "Death Pact item" , "Necro'lic":"Grave Chill" , "Mana Void" , "Holy Light"
    [B0BF] Flaming Lasso (Caster) | "Lasso"
    [B0BE] Flaming Lasso | "Lasso"
    [B090] Shackles (Caster) | "Shadow Shaman":"Shackles"
    [B008] Shackles | "Shadow Shaman":"Shackles"
    [B04B] Fiend's Grip | "Bane Elemental":"Fiend's Grip" , "Tornado Barrier buff" , "Fiend's Grip Upgrade"
    [B02F] Nightmare | "Bane Elemental":"Nightmare"
    [BUsp] Sleep (Pause) | Lich:"Chain Frost" , "Song of the Siren 1" , "Bane Elemental":"Nightmare"
    [Bust] | Lich:"Chain Frost" , "Song of the Siren 1" , "Bane Elemental":"Nightmare"
    [B0CC] Cold Feet | "Cold Feet"
    [BCri] |
    [B03J] Ignite | "Ignite 2" , "Ignite 1" , "Ignite 3" , "Ogre Magi":"Ignite" , "Ignite Multi" , "Ignite 1 Multi" , "Ignite 2 Multi" , "Ignite 3 Multi"
    [BEsh] Shadow Strike | Shadow Strike , "Netherdrake":"Viper Strike" , "Queen of Pain":Shadow Strike
    [B0AQ] Venomous Gale | "Shadowstrike Model":Shadow Strike
    [Bena] Ensnare | Raider:Ensnare , Dark Troll Warlord , Murloc Nightcrawler:Ensnare , "Entangle Buff 2" , "Phoenix Ensnare - 1" , "Phoenix Ensnare - 2"
    [Beng] Ensnare | Raider:Ensnare , Dark Troll Warlord , Murloc Nightcrawler:Ensnare , "Entangle Buff 2" , "Phoenix Ensnare - 1" , "Phoenix Ensnare - 2"
    [B078] Earthbind | "Earthbind Helper"
    [Bdet] Dust of Appearance | Dust of Appearance , "Miasma Reveal"
    [B00T] Amplify Damage | "Slithereen Guard":"Amplify Damage" , "Amplify Damage upgrade"
    [Bslo] Enchant | Sorceress:Slow , "Enchantress":"Enchant" , "Slow Motion"
    [BNdh] Drunken Haze | Pandaren Brewmasterrunken Haze , "Incapacitating Bite" , "Sand Storm effect" , "Blinding Light" , "Captain CoCo's Rum" , "Flash Bomb" , "Crippling Staff" , "Prudence Disarm"
    [B0C8] Silence | "Silence Attack - Silence"
    [B08O] Silence | Silence , "Concussive Shot Silence"
    [B07V] Silence | "Drow Ranger":Silence , "Chill Silence"
    [B07U] Silence | Silence , "Silencer":"Global Silence"
    [B01X] Bloodrage | "Bloodseeker":"Bloodrage"
    [BNsi] Silence | Silence , "Last Word Effect" , "Death Prophet":Silence , "Silence Attack - Silence" , "Electric Wave Silence" , "Rolling Boulder Silence"
    [B031] Orchid Malevolence | "Orchid Malevolence"
    [BNso] Soul Burn | "Orchid Malevolence" , "Shade":"Shade Infestation"
    [B00P] Void | "Time Slow" , "Time Slow (day)"
    [B02M] Crippling Fear | "Crippling Fear"
    [A1LD] | "Gust Container"
    [B0CD] Ice Blast | "Ice Blast"
    [A1JA] | "Ice Blast"
    [B043] Untouchable | "Untouchable effect"
    [BNpa] "Parasite" | "Spawn Spiderling" , "Spiderling":"Spawn Spiderite"
    [B01N] Decrepify | "Oblivion":"Decrepify"
    [BIcb] Stygian Desolator | Item Attack Corruption Bonus
    [B04Q] Requiem of Souls | "Requiem of Souls Cripple Far" , "Requiem of Souls Cripple Close" , "Requiem of Souls Cripple Moderate"
    [B00C] Whirling Axes | "Blind"
    [B09K] Blinding Light | "Blinding Light" , "Flash Bomb"
    [B033] Deafening Blast | "Invoke5 - NoAtck" , "Lasso No Attack" , "Dash - NoAttack"
    [B08F] Pit of Malice | "Cage"
    [B08E] Pit of Malice | "Cage"
    [B0AM] Deathstrike | "Living Dead":"Deathstrike"
    [BNrd] Firestorm | Doom Guard:Rain of Fire , Pit Lord:"Firestorm"
    [B00H] Hex | "Demon Witch":"Voodoo" , "Shadow Shaman":"Voodoo"
    [BOhx] Hex | "Guinsoo's Scythe" , "Sheep" , "Test Caster":Hex
    [B03F] Caustic Finale | "Sand King":"Caustic Finale"
    [B02N] Fury Swipes | "Ursa Warrior":"Fury Swipes"
    [B0E7] "Parasite" | "Broodmother":"Spawn Spiderlings"
    [B06D] Poison | "Netherdrake":
    [B0BN] Unstable Current | "Shock"
    [B09Q] Torrent | "Ghost Ship Slow"
    [B0BB] Shrapnel | "Shrapnel Slow"
    [B09J] Freezing Field | "Freezing Field Slow" , "Freezing Field Slow Aghanim"
    [B0AF] Electric Vortex | "Electric Vortex"
    [B08B] Overload | "Overload"
    [B071] Upheaval | "Upheaval"
    [B08N] Maimed | "Maim" , "Sange and Yasha - Slow"
    [B02I] Maimed | "Maim" , "Sange - Slow"
    [B08Q] Arctic Blast | "MageArmor"
    [B0C2] | "Faceless Void":"Time Lock"
    [B06S] | "Ice Path Freeze"
    [B02S] | "Necrolyte":"Reaper's Scythe"
    [B02W] Terror | "Terror" , "Shadowraze"
    [B05Q] Time Walk | "Timewalk Slow - 1" , "Timewalk Slow - 2" , "Timewalk Slow - 3" , "Timewalk Slow - 4"
    [B02P] Blinded | Tinker:"Laser"
    [B05F] Time Walk Slow effect | "Time Walk (Degen Aura)" , "Fire Spirits Slow"
    [B0EP] Reincarnation | Thunder Clap
    [B0ER] Overgrowth | "Overgrowth 1"
    [B0ET] Whirling Axes | "Whirling Axes Slow"
    [B0FN] Searing Chains | "Searing Chains"
    [B0FY] Concussive Shot | "Concussive Shot Slow NEW"
    [B0FT] Ancient Seal | "Skywrath Mage":"Ancient Seal"
    [B0FZ] Heaven's Halberd | "Prudence Disarm"
    [B0G0] Chakram | "Chakram Slow"
    [B0GT] Oracle: "Fortune's End | "Cleanse"
    [B0F5] Cripple | "Crippling Staff Slow"

    Abilities which from some reason means nothing:
    [Bpoi] Poison | Wind Rider:"Poison Sting" , Gnoll Assassin:Envenomed Weapons , "Spiderling":"Poison Sting Spiderlings" , "Corrosive Skin Effect" , "Venomancer":"Poison Sting" , "Dragon Knight":"Corrosive Breath" , "Orb of Venom - Melee" , "Orb of Venom - Ranged" all those grant second poison ability, which isn't on the list

    Abilities which are dispelled but I suppose are no longer in use:
    [B02D] Enfeeble | "Enfeeble" it's pre 6.75, now its different ID and not dispellable
    [B0BY] Infestation | "Scarab Silence" pre 6.74 NA ability
    [B08S] | "OpenWounds" pre 6.60 stun
    [B0DI] Spirits | "Wisp Spirits Slow" pre 6.72 slow

    The only problem with this list, is that, that it's semi-worthless, in terms - some of units/abilities(buffs) still exist in code, but not in map anymore (as mentioned enfeeble etc). I might try to track them, but it's tedious task and I don't have enough time.

    Buffids for skills which Dark Pact dispel were taken from dota code; descriptions were generated using simple dictionary lookups from extracted abilities/units.

    This suppose to be some kind of reference, what to check, not absolute in sense - if some name is in this list, it should be dispeled, because of dead/legacy code/abilities, and different id's for reworks etc.

    Hopefully it will be some help to track all incorrect interactions.

    //edit: changelog:
    14.06.13: updated for 78b : Earth Spirit silence,stun; StoneGaze stun
    + [B0GT] Oracle [Fortune End] purge
    - [B001] Viper Strike
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    Few more tests I ran:
    None of the poison category[Bpoi] is actually dispelled in dota1, at least the ones I checked, which was Venomancer Sting, Orb of venom(melee and ranged), DK 1st dragon poison and corrosive skin.
    Forgot about Entangle in the ensnare mechanics so going to add this one.


    • #3
      All those abilities (based on Poison Sting) grants 2 buffs Bpoi and Bpsd (both have same description), perhaps it's an oversight in dota1 that only one is removed, I'm not sure.
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      • #4
        Originally posted by adrianlegg View Post
        All those abilities (based on Poison Sting) grants 2 buffs Bpoi and Bpsd (both have same description), perhaps it's an oversight in dota1 that only one is removed, I'm not sure.
        Could be it used to remove them but they were changed to undispellable with the new id and slark's dark pact list wasn't updated to simply remove them. I see Wisp's spirit slow in there too for example and wisp spirits don't slow since a while ago too. Same thing with Enfeeble as you said.

        Anyway think I got the biggest ones on the list, there might be fringe cases where something doesn't work but these can be fixed later. Thanks for making an updated list though, I had missed the Entangle one and only noticed cause of this list, and it's a pretty big one too.


        • #5
          Nice work.

          If you don't mind, I reposted this on playdota with credits, since they are lacking an updated list.
          Always read and follow the forum rules. If you need help from a moderator, use the report button ()
          Before posting new bugs:
          -Check the Known Bugs List and search the forum for an existing report.
          -Make sure its a bug (test in WC3 Dota, visit playdota guides and adv. mech, etc). If you're still not sure, post in Mechanics and Gameplay Bug Brainstorming instead.
          -Read the Bug Posting Guidelines on how to report a bug properly.


          • #6
            Updated for 78b.

            //edit: partially -> I need to regenerate for Oracle, Earth Spirit skills/buffs.
            //edit2: regenerated, should be correct with Oracle & ES.
            Last edited by adrianlegg; 06-14-2013, 09:36 AM.
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              Off the top of my head, I know that [B0BM] Great Stomp is Tauren Chieftain's Echo Stomp.

              Also, for what it's worth, Dragon Knight's Corrosive Breath no longer places a buff, as the ability is fully triggered now. Doesn't matter since it was never purged anyways I guess.

              The thing marked "Gust Container" is just a spellbook containing Ice Blast's visual.

              Removing the buff [B0BS] Sticky Napalm doesn't do anything; Dark Pact removes the slow in another function, and the damage amplification and the turn rate slow are not removed.
              Last edited by imxtrabored; 06-14-2013, 11:35 AM.


              • #8
                I've seen napalm remove function, but for Dark Pact both are called, and that's "good enough" simplification. ( I think only Weaver ult (from those 5) does not call both functions, but I'd have to recheck)

                Thanks for Stomp, I clarified this one, although I knew it - it's just that my parser don't generate connection to hero, if it's not "easy" -> code creates caster 'e00E', and gives it's ability. (not worth my time to extend it in this way if this requires parsing jass, and I suppose it would (I've got plenty of other projects going on atm)).
                I might actually add this on wiki one day for easier updates, but since it's probably not 100% accurate for dota2 yet, "one day" won't be now.
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                To BUUUGFIX!


                • #9
                  Minor suggestion: could you change your parser so that it checks the max level of the ability and ignores data beyond that level? Currently, it lists [BEsh] as also being applied by Viper Strike, even though levels 1-3 of Viper Strike apply [B001] instead.


                  • #10
                    Last time i checked(first days of 6.78 parity patch) it didn't remove QoP's shadow strike, was it fixed afterwards?


                    • #11
                      Sorry for OOT,
                      But I just wanna ask, so is there any way to remove/counter Bloodseeker's Rupture?
                      I thought it isn't purgeable, is it?


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by kadektop2 View Post
                        Sorry for OOT,
                        But I just wanna ask, so is there any way to remove/counter Bloodseeker's Rupture?
                        I thought it isn't purgeable, is it?
                        Linken's/wait for the End of Duration/Death and the best solution stop move
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                        • #13
                          Originally posted by li.lo View Post
                          Linken's/wait for the End of Duration/Death and the best solution stop move
                          TP scroll too.