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Excessive delay on Alchemist skills.

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  • Excessive delay on Alchemist skills.

    It's just me or alchemist feels all heavy and laggy when using his skills?? Acid spray cast animation lasts around 0.6~0.8 seconds and can't be walk-canceled properly... the ult feels the same way too. But the bigger problem is on Unstable Cocoction, WOW, i just can't cast it fast like i used to on d1, it takes at least 1 second to activate, then 1 more half a second for me to BE ABLE to press again to target it, and after it the same 0.6~0.8 cast animation who can't be canceled. Rly, it feels TOTALLY SHIT to play alchemist right now, if things continue like this i'll never play him again. What do you guys think of him? And no, i didn't had ping problemas at the time.
    Maverick Hunter.

  • #2
    i found it difficult to play as well, but the last time i played alchemist was before his stun was changed and he channeled in one spot, so i'm not the best judge. With that being said, i can say without comaprison to dota1, that it feels very sluggish and i found it actually more reliable to just get a ton of str/damage items, and ignore the stun all together, just throw the acid, ult, and melee. Especially semi low levels when the damage isn't that great from the cocktail anyway.

    Personally i liked the old sit and channel for 5 seconds then auto stun someone who might be running away and 3000 distance away for the kill shot better but that was a change i can't do anything about.


    • #3
      Yeah, it likes they made the inverse what they did to Jakiro, instead of softening its gameplay they maked it slugguishier.
      Maverick Hunter.


      • #4
        I can confirm this after two games with Alchemist.

        Trying to activate Chemical Rage, then Unstable Concoction unto Shadowblade and beginning to run into an enemy was hell if we're to exclude all the generic spell casts you perform.


        • #5
          agreed. stunned myself multiple times with UC, cause the casting just took too long and got my target out of range during the chase


          • #6
            The delay from which you cast and target UC is very very noticable

            otherwise I don't have other problems from his aside from maybe UC count at lower levels seem to be faster than UC at max level


            • #7
              Agreed. +1
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