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Hero turn rate / Hero response times

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  • Hero turn rate / Hero response times

    Is it just me or heroes are much harder to control in Dota 2?

    I've been playing DotA and HoN for quite some time and i have to say that controlling a hero in D2 feels like they are stuck in quicksand...

    Also, i am not sure about this, there seems to be quite some input lag.

    Bottom line:

    Hero turn rate is unrealistic. It takes about 0.4 seconds for a hero to turn + another 0.1-0.4 to cast a spell... that's around 0.6 delay. UNACCEPTABLE!
    As an example... Lina's Second Skill... it has a 0.5 cast delay. adding that to the total time written above we get close to 1 second delay from initial cast to the actual spell. Again UNACCEPTABLE!

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    Turn rates in Dota 2 are ruining any trial experience by experimenting LoL/HoN players. You are right when you say that controlling a hero in Dota 2 feels like they are stuck in quicksand until you learn to get used to it. In it's defense, I know that these are mechanics that good players use to their advantage over newer, weaker players. Being intimate with the turn rate of a hero equates to the tighter control and the ability to push the limits of said hero.

    Turn rates are a mechanic that should be reduced but not eliminated. Certain heroes like Batrider can manipulate your turn rate while heroes like Sand King can position themselves to abuse turn rates to execute stun + ult combos, and I appreciate that nuance. However, this nuance is not nearly a good enough reason to alienate tens of thousands of potential players from SC2, LoL, and HoN due to the perceived sluggishness of heroes.

    I hope that Icefrog seriously considers a strong decision to reduce/minimize the turn rates of heroes in order make this game more enjoyable to play for new comers. It will also make the game feel snappier and faster for everyone.
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      that's nice, take it to playdota


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        I am not talking about eliminating the turn rate. Not at all! That would make the game too LoLish... But reducing it would be a good thing... specially for some heroes.


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          Originally posted by milkshaker View Post
          However, this nuance is not nearly a good enough reason to alienate tens of thousands of potential players from SC2, LoL, and HoN due to the perceived sluggishness of heroes.
          Yes it is. We won´t dumb the game down just so a bunch of dipshits from lol can start playing. If someone wants a childish, noob-friendly and dumbed down version, just stick to lol, let´s keep dota a better game. Besides, we have enough idiots in this community already
          Danny Wilkins's Bio, a typical dota pub scrub from Rapture:

          "Danny does not recall ever having lost at anything. Though he does recognize that he has on occasion been on a losing team, he argues that the loss itself has never been his fault. Losses on these occasions were invariably attributable to his teammates, and, furthermore, in every case, Danny was otherwise occupied breaking and setting various records of his own."


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            You realize dota and dota 2 have the same turn animations so you're lying about ever playing dota and you've only played Hon, right?


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              i was thinking about submitting this to playdota or here too...that's terrible sometimes, feels like some heroes need an hour to move/turn/cast...
              Prepare for unforeseen consequences.


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                if you find differences between wc3 dota and dota 2, create a proper bug report about them.
                if you simply dislike turnrates, post on

                Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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