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[Bug or not?] 100 games later, on 4th abandonment got low priority?

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  • [Bug or not?] 100 games later, on 4th abandonment got low priority?

    (edit) Never mind, its 2 strikes your out.

    So, after over 100 games of dota 2 on my 4th abandonment (afk) i was put on low priority.

    Now, my friend, who is not so reliable, also got low priority exactly after his 4th abandonment.

    Now, I before the afk abandonment had 3 matches with enchantress (me) 1st one was single draft and we won, so i wanted to play more of that hero. 2nd match was all pick where the other team went drow sniper, we got creamed. 3d match was all pick, now when I saw the same people go that same Drow and Sniper, i quit as soon as hero selection was over and advised the others to do the same. Then i got the match in single draft where i had to afk (which i still played tell the end and won btw).

    So, is it that they system is that un-forgiving, is it that after every 4th abandonment you put in low priority, or was this a bug?
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    K, don't press.

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    so u abandoned 2 games in a row? that's enough to be called "frequently abandon games", thus low priority, nothing special


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      Well, it just didn't seem ethical that if you abandon 2 games in 1 day you get in lpq from that moment to the same time the next day.
      K, don't press.


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        Why not? In a normal situation you should never abandon. Now you abandoned twice in a row. Now you only get 24h LP, not even a ban or anything.
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          Originally posted by Kryil- View Post
          Why not? In a normal situation you should never abandon. Now you abandoned twice in a row. Now you only get 24h LP, not even a ban or anything.
          Now, ignoring why i went afk (research), it does not seem right that even if they are spaced apart by 6 hours and 7 games your still going to get lpq without a warning or idea that its 2 strikes your out.

          Trust me, I hate abandonment as much as most people, but 2 strikes your out for 24 hours and with no warning is really to unforgiving.
          K, don't press.


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            Intended. Multiple abandons in a short period of time triggers the punishment. By abandoning a game, you invariably ruin it for nine other people and waste everyone's time.
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