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Phantom Lancer's maximum IMAGE count is wrong

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  • Phantom Lancer's maximum IMAGE count is wrong

    Phantom Lancer Illusions counter working correctly (closed discussion) added 02.08.2012

    I object.
    Quoting from the DotA in-game skillTooltip and skillResearchTooltip:

    On 12% of attacks the Phantom Lancer will create an ethereal double. Copies deal 25% damage and take 450% damage.
    Limit of 2/4/6/8 images. Lasts 20 seconds.

    Whenever the Phantom Lancer attacks he will have a 12% chance to create a duplicate of himself. Duplicates last 20 seconds.
    Level 1 - Limit of 2 images
    Level 2 - Limit of 4 images.
    Level 3 - Limit of 6 images.
    Level 4 - Limit of 8 images.

    The description uses several different words to describe an illusion: ethereal double, copies, duplicate of himself, duplicates...
    These words are without a doubt referring to an illusion, a replicate and definitely not the original
    But if you ask me, the word "images" does not necessarily include only the illusions.

    You may not call the original Phantom Lancer as an ethereal double, a copy, a duplicate...
    But you clearly can call even the original Phantom Lancer as an image.

    It was the Kant, I suppose... that I had heard in philosopy lectures. There is the idea of Phantom Lancer, and what we see is definitely the image of that idea of Phantom Lancer. So according to Kant, the original Phantom Lancer, explicitly, counts for the definition "images".

    This was just for the justification of the tooltip in W3 DotA.
    It is the fact that the code counts every unit that has the Juxtapose buff on it that the player owns.

      set integer022=0
      call GroupEnumUnitsOfPlayer(loc_group01,GetOwningPlayer(loc_unit01),Condition(function Func2104))
      call Func0029(loc_group01)
      if integer022<loc_integer04 then
    function Func2104 takes nothing returns boolean
      if GetUnitAbilityLevel(GetFilterUnit(),'B03B')>0 then
        set integer022=integer022+1
      return false
    B03B is the buff code of Juxtapose
    loc_integer04 is set to 2*abilitylevel on one of the previous lines

    setting loc_integer04 to 2*abilitylevel+1 or
    setting the integer022 to -1 initially or
    omitting the Phantom Lancer as a unit during the Func2104's check or
    redefining the if-condition to integer022<loc_integer04+1...

    would allow Phantom Lancer in DotA to generate up to 2/4/6/8 ILLUSIONS
    but I doubt they wanted Phantom Lancer to have more than 2/4/6/8 IMAGES
    so they coded it that way and kept it that way.

    So, please, revert that

    Edit Back in DotA, everyone I played with used to call me the guy who plays PL. That's because I used to play it so much, and so mindlessly. I still get the most joy while playing it. I enjoy how they generate more and more, enjoy the fact that I can stay on one lane throughout the whole game... I am just saying these to show that I am not a Phantom Lancer hater. I enjoy playing it, probably more than anyone else
    Last edited by ThoAppelsin; 03-27-2013, 09:17 AM.

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      Kant LMAO


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        See. My philosophy degree IS useful. LMAO.


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          You shall not refute the Kant argument...
          This got fixed. But the tooltip is still saying MAX ILLUSIONS: 2/4/6/8


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            This bugs me too. Change made the ability more confusing, which seems to be happening with a lot of "parity" changes recently.

            I am backing up ThoAppelsin on this.


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              Well this got fixed, as he says and now the tooltip says "Max Images" for the count, and illusions for all of the rest. Happy?
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                ^ post #5...

                Everything is also openly described in the tooltip, and fits to Kant's idea philosophy.


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                  Dota 2: Now featuring Kant! That's just silly considering the average dota 2 player (globally) has no idea about Kants phillosophy. >: