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  • Chronosphere

    I'm not 100% sure about this but as far as I remember it used to have a spreading rate in DotA 1?
    ( )

  • #2
    Agreed, the visual was spreading in DotA, I clearly remember that.
    Will have to check the code if it really is spreading, I mean, more than just visually


    • #3
      Well, apparently it is just a birth animation for the ChronoSphere unit, the thing we see.
      There also is a death animation for it, but it unfortunately cannot be seen in game because it is expelled with the RemoveUnit function. I think it would be seen if it was rather the KillUnit function =/
      Here is a video showing them both:

      Those animations have 12K size while compressed... Valuable space being spent on something that is half used... IceFrog pls...

      The effective area for pause is constant 425 for the whole duration,
      BUT there is a 0.1 sec delay before the Chronosphere pausing starts

      Also the time when the Chronosphere effect ends should be shifted by 0.1 sec,
      so it's like this:

      t = 0.0: Casting point is reached
      t = 0.0: the unit ChronoSphere is created with its birth animation
      t = 0.1: pausing begins
      t = 4.1: unpause all the units that have been paused, kill the timer event and all

      So, yeah, the duration is alright, but there should be 0.1 sec delay for everything to start. Not just for the outer ends of the Chronosphere, but for the whole area.


      • #4
        Originally posted by ThoAppelsin View Post
        So, yeah, the duration is alright, but there should be 0.1 sec delay for everything to start. Not just for the outer ends of the Chronosphere, but for the whole area.
        Okay thanks! Can you confirm that this delay is not existant in Dota 2? Would be awesome


        • #5
          I cannot fully assure you on this; but after doing 3 seperate video tests with host_timescale set to 0.1, there seems to be a ~0.033 sec delay before Chrono-stunning begins happening after Void reaches his casting time


          • #6
            How did you test it? I always test with pugna, since you can check in the log when the cast time was reached (nether ward damage dealt) and when the debuff/damage is applied.

            But maybe the log is not enough precise for this, since it's resolution seems a bit bad.


            • #7
              Yeah, I almost never trust in combat log when it comes to something more precise than one digit after comma, it is shit.

              I am not sure how reliable this is, but:
              I record a video of the case, seek the video with 0.01 sec precision, and then deduce a result.
              To make sure, I do this at least twice. For this case, I have done three times. Once I've got 0.031, once 0.032, once 0.033. They average at 0.032, but I liked 0.033 more, so I provided here that one

              Also, by the way, I have remembered that all the effects get applied/removed with 0.03 sec internal delay, no matter what. So that is probably the cause for the ~0.033 sec delay I have gathered, meaning that there simply is no delay here in Dota 2, and there should be 0.1 sec delay.


              • #8
                Okay, sorry, I think I have forgot to mention how I "deduce a result"

                Ability begins to get casted when;
                - Ability border turns green

                Casting time is reached when;
                - the ability icon gets blacked out
                - cooldown timer appears
                - mana is drained

                Effect occurs when;
                - effect becomes visible, for this case, I had cast Chronosphere on a Santelly walking by, and noted down the moment it stopped moving