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Backswing issues

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  • Backswing issues

    I did a cursory search for previous threads on this, but didn't come up with much. I'm going to repeat some of the information I found, and contribute something I don't think has been reported yet. Moreover, having a thread for animation timing stuff in general might be nice.

    Crystal Maiden's backswing is definitely wrong, known bug and stickied (along with several other heroes).

    As far as I could tell using Crystal Maiden, backswing delays due to cast order timings are correct.
    Correct cast timings:
    Issue cast order (spell A); hero begins moving into cast range
    Spell A begins casting (cast time begins)
    Spell A takes effect (projectile launches, damage is done, debuffs are placed, etc); backswing starts
    Backswing ends, unit is idle
    If order is issued at (1), spell A is cancelled
    If order is issued at (2), the order begins being carried out at (4) (unit is no longer idle obviously)
    If order is issued at (3), the order begins being carried out immediately (any remaining backswing time cancelled)
    Spells that ignore cast time (mostly spells based on Fan of Knives) also have no backswing; spells that have a cast delay behave with a long cast time and have a normal backswing; channeled spells have no backswing (but should use cast time before the channel begins).
    I listed this just in case someone else wants to do some testing; I have a feeling this isn't entirely correct for all heroes for some reason.

    Now, here are some things I noticed:
    - Crystal Nova uses Crystal Maiden's (incorrect duration) backswing. In Dota 1, Crystal Nova has no backswing. This is likely a general issue in Dota 2 with certain spells, because:
    1. Crystal Nova uses Blizzard (originally a channeling spell belonging to human Archmage) with a channel duration of 0 as its base spell, mainly providing the targeting function.
    2. All channeling spells are not meant to use backswing.
    Many spells used Blizzard as a base spell because of its convenient area targeting mechanic; these spells should not use the hero's backswing. In the example above, for these spells stage (3) skips to stage (4). These spells are generally ones that use the "area targeting circle" when cast. Not all spells that use the circle do this, and some spells that don't use the circle may be based on other channeling spells. It would take too much work for me to make a list of all spells based on channeling spells, but if you ask me a spell name, I can go look it up on a per-spell basis in the Dota 1 files.
    Summary: Crystal Nova and certain other spells should NOT have a backswing; they currently do.

    -Shadow Poison Release animation seems clipped.
    Shadow Poison Release used to do a full animation where Shadow Demon raises his fist and pulls it down. Currently, he seems to only raise his fist and the animation seems to cancel itself, even when no order is issued. I suspect this has to do with backswing fixes implemented previously.

    I don't mind being wrong, correct me if I am. Feel free to add any other animation timing stuff here as well.

    also im sort of really long winded okay sorry ;-;

    edit: wow i think there is actually a really detailed thread here on backswing issues in the main gameplay bugs forum; this thread seems less special now
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    ya i was about to told u there is already one... but u find it out by yourself
    check the last page of that thread. there should be i think a google doc compling everything there.