Dear Dota2 Developers,

I have been experiencing a possible bug for a while now. Please get this fixed ASAP because it is getting out of hand.

Summary: For the past few months, whenever I get disconnected from a game (for whatever reason) I do my best to reconnect and when I finally get reconnected way BEFORE the 5 minute mark, I still get automatic abandonment despite reconnecting before the 5 minute window has elapsed. Time and time again this has been the result. Because of this, I was placed in low priority today. This is not the first time I have experienced this. Also, I have witnessed this happen to different players while playing in co-op bot games and online matches. Same thing that happened to me, happened to them as well. That just goes to show that this is not an isolated case.

Retro Steps:
1. Dota 2 crashes
2. Launching the game again
3. Reconnecting to the game
4. Successfully reconnected to the match/co-op bot before the 5 minute mark
5. Received a notice that I have abandoned the game despite reconnecting and still playing.

Basically, the minute I get reconnected to my game, it says that I have abandoned the game and that no stats will be recorded. It also says that the game is safe to leave just like how it usually does whenever it is a legitimate game abandonment.

Expected Result:
Successfully reconnecting into the game without abandonment status. Also, if it is possible can I get out of the low-priority pool? Abandonment was forced upon me and it was not a choice nor was it fair.