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[Incomplete] medusa, necros

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  • [Incomplete] medusa, necros

    So its saying that Medusa ult dealing big damage to summoned units.
    When medusa use ult on necros 3 lvl, no damage from necros is being received.
    What difference between this ult and for example ult of SK, ES? They both making damage.
    I would understand if it was saying " ult making all summoned units dissapear" but its saying " ult dealing xxx damage to summoned units" so when they die, 400 dmg should be returned to medusa!
    Just played game with friends where we had 5 lvl 3 necros, and 1 medusa vs our team.
    Guess who win?

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    Medusa receives damage from melee warrior's last will, at least that was true a week ago. But the damage gets reduced to half by medusa's Mana shield.

    She won, because you made a terrible item choice. Even if at some point the last will became a problem (it means 1500HP and 666 mana to her), she could simply buy a BKB (if she didn't have it already) and earn easy 1000 gold by using Stone Gaze.
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      dude, im telling u she had no items. we had 5 lvl 3 necros, she turn on ult and has full hp full mp


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        Originally posted by fr0g View Post
        dude, im telling u she had no items. we had 5 lvl 3 necros, she turn on ult and has full hp full mp
        Do you mind posting a match ID? Because I'm not entirely willing to take your assertion at face value without any actual proof.
        I don't bite.


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          post a matchid and a timestamp.
          i'd also advice you to use the brainstorming section in the future.
          Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

          Contributions i'd like to highlight:
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            Medusa receives damage from killing necro warriors with stone gaze perfectly fine.

            I found something odd however, ... but magical damage received from the necro warrior kill during magical immunity still costs medusa mana even though it applies no damage, same goes for any other feedback damage (Spiked carapace), same goes for abilities which affect but not damage magic immune targets (Reversed Polarity, Primal Roar f.e.), all other nukes are fine.

            Ok that doesn't happen in dota 1.
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              What about magic damaged projectiles? [i.e. bkb while it's coming at you]
              Comprehensive Damage Reduction & Amplifications Dota 2 Guide


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                Will try once steam goes up again, I hope this isn't just a test map issue, can never be sure about that.

                /Was there done that, and like expected it's the same yeah, it's eating your mana pool.
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                  ! Go on and report it, that's a decent-sized bug for poor Gorgon.