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Troll Warlords skill Fervor

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  • CrazyStonerGotBanned
    ^ thank you
    someone proving troll hasn't be implemented correctly!

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  • imxtrabored
    Melee Whirling Axes are all kinds of wrong.
    Damage, Blind, and Blind Duration are correct.
    Cast Point is 0, should be 0.2.
    Axe radius is 100, correct.
    Max range is set to 450. Presumably this is the max effect radius, not the max axe radius. Technically correct, although I don't like the implementation.
    Axe movement speed is 1000, totally incorrect. Their absolute radial speed should be 233.33..., or 7 units per 0.03 seconds. Their angular speed should be 666.66... degrees per second, or 20 degrees per 0.03 seconds. Thus, they should not have a constant absolute speed. Their radial speed should change direction at 1.5 seconds, because...
    Axe whirl duration is incorrect. Is set to 4 seconds, should be 3 seconds.

    There is no good way for me to check the backswings on Troll's abilities; someone else will have to use video evidence if they want to verify that. Well, actually...

    Battle Trance should use Troll's backswing; it currently doesn't.

    Fervor was previously discussed here. Noteworthy is that in DotA 1, Fervor had an internal cooldown of 0.4 seconds.
    Last edited by imxtrabored; 05-22-2013, 09:29 PM.

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  • imxtrabored
    Ranged Whirling Axes are wrong.
    Range is set to 900, should be 945.
    Speed is set to 1200, should be 1500.
    The axe spread is set to 45, I'm assuming 45 degrees. Should be 25 degrees.
    The cast point is correct, 0.2. Dota 2 Wiki is wrong.
    Damage is correct, 75.
    Search radius is correct, 100.
    Slow and duration is correct, 0.3.
    If you're reading the JASS, the range should be 945 as the trigger actually evaluates 21 times rather than 20, since the trigger destroy effect is checked at the end of the function.

    Checking melee Whirling Axes next.
    Last edited by imxtrabored; 05-22-2013, 06:49 PM.

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  • miambox
    If i well remember, in dota1, with fervor, it was like

    First hit, attack speed + 20 (almost +20, cause attack speed was given during the attack (very early in), and in dota1, countrary to dota2, the speed you perform an attack can change (if you gain/lose attack speed) while performing the attack)
    Second hit, attack speed + 40

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  • CrazyStonerGotBanned
    Also his whirling axes seem to be slower than in DotA
    Dota2 i miss alot of ranged whirlings and even some melee ones.

    i dunno if its Cast Duration 0.51+0.3(dota2wiki) compared Cast animation 0.2+0.3 of (playdota)
    or just delays in reaching the full 450 radius
    Maybe dota1 450 was just a bigger aoe

    DotA gameplay ^
    You can really notice the instant cast of his skills
    Also the range of whirling axes seem bigger on dotA maybes it just me
    Last edited by CrazyStonerGotBanned; 05-21-2013, 07:02 PM.

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  • CrazyStonerGotBanned
    started a topic Troll Warlords skill Fervor

    Troll Warlords skill Fervor

    "With each continuous blow on the same target, Troll gains increased attack speed. If Troll changes targets, the stacks drop to zero."

    If Jah'rakal changes targets, his rage counter drops to zero.
    Fervor increments increase while attacking buildings.
    Each hit increases attack speed by 20.
    Fervor works when denying allied units.

    How this currently works

    First hit is done with normal attack speed + (bonus from last hero/creep engaged)
    Second hit is done with normal attack speed
    Third hit is done with +20 attack speed
    Fourth hit is done with +40 attack speed
    and so on

    How i think the skill should work is

    First hit is done with normal attack speed + (bonus from last hero/creep engaged)
    Second hit is done with +20 attack speed
    Third hit is done with +40 attack speed
    and so on

    Currently you have to attack the same target twice before you gain any bonus and the second hit on any target always has +0 attack speed.
    Now a good player will only last hit correct? so this skill is pointless as it currently stands.

    Now considering you gain the bonus if you deny a creep its seems rather stupid that only after you attack the same creep/hero TWICE do you gain bonus attack speed making the fact your suppose to gain attack speed from a deny redundant.

    With each continuous blow on the same target!
    But only the 3rd blow is struck faster...

    Ultimately its comes down to if you want troll warlord to have a passive +20 attack speed.
    But if i had 5 divine rapiers at level 25, fervor bonus would be NOTHING!