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Doppelwalk and targetting

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  • Doppelwalk and targetting

    I don't think this is a bug, but i'm curious about this interaction. (also, i did not find any other references to this when i searched.

    Doppelwalk interrupts a+click, or targeted spell casting. That is:

    1. The real PL is running away
    2. An enemy hero has a+clicked on the real PL (or targeted a spell like laguna blade, decrepify, etc)
    3. PL uses doppelwalk
    4. The enemy stops moving

    This stop happens because the enemy has lost sight of the target of their action. The same thing happens if PL had run up a set of stairs rather than doppelwalked.

    It would make more sense to me if targeting was not disjointed, but transferred to the illusion. Although, might this make pl a bit too good?

    food for thought at any rate.

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    You should discuss this kind of thing on the playdota forums


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      It's consistent with WC3 DotA and given PL's current state it would be way too powerful. I am not 100% sure if it could be done in WC3 DotA either.

      Also as above
      Comprehensive Damage Reduction & Amplifications Dota 2 Guide


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        Originally posted by Wyn-Ryder View Post
        It's consistent with WC3 DotA and given PL's current state it would be way too powerful. I am not 100% sure if it could be done in WC3 DotA either.

        Also as above
        It is possible but it requires some turnarounds, just make the real PL keep visible and now he deals less damage and takes more damage, if PL dies (is going to die actually) then he moves to the dummy illusion and his HP and mana are played accordingly and the dummy PL is destroyed. The dummy PL is invisible and whenever he attacks something or duration is over the real PL is moved to his location and is issued an attack order to the target. Then you have to deal with spirit lance which is possible, mehh my normal interaction is also wrong it does not end on PLs attacking.... ajosgbiovbqahnp Gets annoying with +damage and +armor things, aside from that it is possible with some workarounds, given IceFrog's mentality, too complex to code.