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Viper's Corrosive Skin

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  • Viper's Corrosive Skin

    The recent rebalance update that has made Viper's passive Corrosive Skin proc on all sources of damage makes any DoT ability more damaging to yourself than viper as each tick causes Corrosive Skin to refresh.

    Used Venemous Gale (Venomancer) on Viper and had Corrosive Skin constantly refreshed until the end the poison damage (same goes for Warlock's Shadow Word, Sniper's Shrapnel, and Bane's Nightmare etc though I haven't tested it on items yet like Shadow Urn and Radiance).

    IMO this is a bit too much. I understand all sources of damage causing the proc but it should be limited to the first instance of damage from a used ability as a maxed Corrosive Skin causes a 25% decrease in move/attack speed meaning you're slowed for 4s + your skill duration, often times exceeding 10s in total and 250 dmg to what are already mostly HP deficient heroes.

    To compare (at max ability), Bane disables for 7s/140dmg (slowed 11s/275dmg), Warlock deals 405dmg (slowed 13s/325dmg), and Sniper if viper stays in Shrapnel slows 30%/432dmg (slowed 11s/275dmg).

    Venomancer (Venomous Gale) hits for 400dmg and a fading slow (slowed 19s/475dmg)! ---- this is crazy that an ability hurts you more than them!

    All these heroes would still be slowed 4s/100dmg for the initial attack which isn't insignificant but the added effect of repeated procs makes their abilities significantly less useful against viper (especially Venomancer).

    Just a thought....

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    This is why you have to pick the right heroes and use the right abilities on him. Generally speaking you don't want to cast DoTs on Viper.


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      Ya I found this out the hard way as Koont of Pain in mid.


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        balance discussion belongs on
        Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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