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Wisp ability abuse

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  • Wisp ability abuse

    Just finished a match, 365512374, and Donquixote Doflamingo (user name) was playing as wisp and put me on cliff off the map. Then he kept feeding the courier or dropping any tp scrolls I tried to get to myself so I could get off the cliff to enjoy a game of dota 2. At one point I finally got a top and made it back to the fountain at which point he teleported me back off the map. Besides wasting 25min of mine and 8 other players time he also caused me to receive and my second abandon (in 740 games, the first I got when my computer broke and required repair that took more than 5 minutes). Players like this should be banned from dota, and steam, and the game they ruined should be deleted from peoples' records. It really bothers me to have an abandon on my record and have my record with life stealer ruined because of events taking place that I had no control over.
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    Also obviously a solution to this problem should be developed. Perhaps not having terrain you can stand on outside the map, not allowing wisp to teleport outside the map, or having an unstuck command that is usable when your hero is located outside the map.
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      Just a tip, as soon as you know this wisp is no good, tick the disable help from him box, that way he can't do shit to you anymore.


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        The very nature of IO and it's skills prevent anything being done about this. Consider if he had put you on the cliff in either jungle or in the enemy base, how do you get around that? How would the game know when you are going for a legit gank and when the IO is trolling you?

        Just report the player and move on, there is no need to hold onto your anger, it will do nothing good for you.


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          Arie - I found that out just after my game and definitely plan on using that in he future.

          Sup3rLativ3 - While I agree with most of that the developers could at least make it so you don't get an abandon when you hero is located on unreachable terrain (like map edges, mountains, etc.). Also the game could definitely be programmed to be able to tell the difference between trolling and a gank attempt. Especially if the wisp that is trolling starts feeding the courier repeatedly afterwards. That alone could be the cue for the game to ban, or punish, a trolling player.


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            pro-tip. always carry a TP level 5 onwards. you will need it for ganks.


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              6.99 patch note : If IO accidentally throw someone to cliff, that hero will have free pathing for 5s