I don't really know where to post this, so I'll post it here on the map issues, because I think it is that, an issue with how the map/game works:

I could go on a long rant about this, but let's just be frank, the method which you used to make the creeps meet in a different spot on the "safelanes", is downright: lazy.
Really? REALLY? You could have changed the spawnpoint(s), you could have changed the pathing, you could have done just about anything, so.. Seriously? Your way of doing this is to just give the creeps a massive movement speed boost for a part of ther travel? That my friends, is LAZY, and it has way more impact than the lazy guy who decided this could have foreseen.
You're messing with lanes, no big deal, right? Wrong.
I'm not here to dispute or critize that creeps now meet further down the "safelane", that's fine, awesome actually, but the manner in which you've made it happen is (broken record) LAZY.
You're taking away a (some might say, small part) of dota, aka creep blocking, and thus you are messing with skill levels.
What you've done with this, is make it nearly (not gonna say completely) impossible for anybody to properly block the creep wave (because you basicly gave them haste) in order to make the lane work to their advantage.

Bottom line: If you want to change the meeting points of lanes, do so, (I know this is icefrog's decision and yadayadayada) But please friends, don't do it in such a lazy manner as this.
I hope this gets the message across, I don't want to rant, even though I fear I already have.