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Enemy projectiles' info is being sent to other clients even when enemy is not visible

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  • Noo
    I read that Ensage contributors are provided with a maphack, I don't know if this is the same one.

    Another, somewhat related bug, is visual effects working on enemies in FoW

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  • Enemy projectiles' info is being sent to other clients even when enemy is not visible

    With the recent thread on reddit about the Auto-Hex hack, I decided that, since people are hacking, I should know what hacks are out there. So I went and download most of the scripts. They are all Lua scripts that get inject into the game by another program.

    Now, there are a lot of scripts, but most of them are stuff for lazy/bad people, like a last hit marker (tells you when a creep is low enough that you can kill it with 1 auto attack), or auto-dagon (dagons enemy when he drops low enough).

    There are some others that feel more hacky like one that tells you when the enemy can see you (i.e. u are under a enemy ward), and the infamous Auto-Hex/Euls/Blink.

    Now, these are all things that you *could* do without hack if you had in-human reaction times. But one particular hack caught my attention, it displays enemy icons on the minimap even when they are not visible. So I went and looked at the source file (the Lua script) and as it turns out, it just read projectile info from the game, identifies to which hero that projectile belongs and displays the hero icon on the minimap.

    Here's a WEBM I made (sorry for the low res):

    So, this makes pretty obvious that something I had always taken for granted on Dota 2 is not true. Enemy info IS sent to other clients even if said enemy is inside Fog of War. It might not be the hero info itself, but his projectiles instead, but it still is something that should not happen.

    This makes hacks like the one I showed above possible.

    TL;DR: Dota 2 sends enemy projectile info to other clients even when the Hero that "generated"that projectile is inside Fog. Making this possible:

    ez maphack.