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Map design against fountain farm.

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  • Map design against fountain farm.

    DotA 1 had a forest behind the fountain which made it possible to hide from Pudge who is fountain farming AFKers. Dota 2 map on the otherhand does not have this, and thus makes it impossible to hide from a fountain famring Pudge. If it is not the case that DotA 2 is promoting fountain farming, it should not allow such behavior to happen. Of course fountain farming happened in DotA 1, I am not denying that. I am saying that it was a defect in the game that fountain could be killed with frostbite and the team focusfire. The reason why fountain has such high dps and kills almost any enemy who enters the area is because the game is initially designed to stop fountain farming, otherwise why bother adding the attack function to fountain at all? To make the long story short, there should be a hiding place for people to avoid heroes such as Pudge to fountain farm heroes or make it impossible to fountain farm.

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    I don't see a point in fountain farming. If they do such things, the game is pretty much over and will end in a few minutes.


    • #3
      I simply hate it. Whenever my team does it, I focus on the ancient hoping to end the game ASAP. Don't have to tell you how awfuly boring and idiotic it is when the other team does it. IceFrog should do something about it in DotA 2. Make fountain farming impossible.


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        the space around the fountain is in fog now. that was not the case in dota1.

        check out navi's clip "one step ahead" where you can see that can be pretty fun.... but that is called fountain DIVING.

        as said before, if pudge comes to your base to hook you, the game is pretty much over and that is a part of dota... it is up to players to decide how much will they humiliate their opponents.


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          in this situation it means the team defeated so .
          T-down dont change the map


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            the best part of ending a game, is the fountain farm.
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              just implement concede/forfeit alrdy! this solves everything.
              as said if pudge can foutain farm then the game is over and u should just cc asap.


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                I hate that there is a bit of space where enemies can walk through without being hit by the towers. It's silly.
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                  Originally posted by trena99 View Post
                  the best part of ending a game, is the fountain farm.
                  I agree to a certain extend. If the opposite team has pushed down to the last building, its fun and ok (IMHO,) but if its in any other occasion its bad.

                  Originally posted by Motanum View Post
                  I hate that there is a bit of space where enemies can walk through without being hit by the towers. It's silly.
                  This seem to be a very serious bug :O


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                    Actually, a lot of the stuff used to fountain farm with was removed, such as CM freezing the fountain... Sniper killing the fountain...

                    If you are getting fountain farmed, then probably the game is over, what does it matter if you die ?

                    Simple and obvious things that should get fixed/added asap: SCOREBOARD, Ingame friend list, Different Ping for Roshan, Add Notes to Players, Accept Button while tabbed


                    • #11
                      everyone gets fountain farmed sometimes. I see two sides discussing here
                      1. people with negative winration that get fountain farmed. And rage against it.
                      2. people with positive winratio that do fountain farm. Obviously likeing it.
                      I am for the fountain farmers and i dont get why anyone cares about it. just get a cup of coffee or something like that while getting fountain farmed and you did not waste any time ^^


                      • #12
                        Lol, so, if you make coffee, then all of the sudden all the dumb timesinks of a game and bad design decissions become irrelevant and make it less of a waste of time?

                        Pathetic, this game can't progress with such attitudes.


                        • #13
                          there are enough ways not to be fountain farmed


                          • #14
                            yeah i guess fountain farming should be avoided. just have a big enough starting area .... although it wasnt all that bad.
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                            • #15
                              fountain farming is bad maner