Radiant, Dire, Allies to the spectated player, enemies to the spectated player, they're all always lit up in green This makes it significantly harder to identify the map state from a glance at a minimap from the spectating position.

Full screen example:
Rubick, a Radiant player has vision of Templar Assassin, a Dire player. Both have green highlights on the minimap in the lower left.

Cropped example:
Six players are on the map, all are given friendly/radiant highlights - impossible since there can only be 5 radiant heroes, but Lone Druid is on the enemy/dire team and has the green highlight.

To reproduce, simply spectate a match and go to player perspective (for clearer results, spectate a player on radiant) and observe players on the minimap while they display as hero face icons.

Expected result is to have the ENEMIES always show up as a red backing highlight and ALLIES as a green backing highlight, since the replay is supposed to emulate the perspective of the player being spectated 1:1.