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cliff jungling bug

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  • cliff jungling bug

    just got defeated by bunch of retards who took advantage of the map bug where it allows any ranged hero to go ancient farming as shown in the youtube link also the match number is 2274498043 if u need to see it in game as well hope this bug gets fixed soon

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    Simple 75 gold counter. Push the lanes and take advantage of the situation.


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      First of all, Not a bug. Can be done with certain hero abilities, force staff, blink dagger, NPs TP skill, etc.

      Secondly, you didn't notice that some heroes were missing? If you allowed them to farm from the cliff, a place where they are very vulnerable, especially early game, it's bad map awareness and poor play by you and your team.

      Thirdly, from my personal experience, it's hard to cliff jungle with "any ranged hero". Some ranged heroes have terrible range and very low dps early game.
      Other efficient cliff jungling heroes like troll warlord and NP are very easy to shut down early game with help from your teammates.

      Lastly, pay attention to the map, pay attention to what heroes your enemies picked, buy wards, take notice of "missing" and.... git gud.
      They can cliff jungle all they want, but that means that they had to waste their money on atleast 4 branches. 4x50 = 200 gold. 625-200=425 gold.
      Basically, they start out with 425 gold. And on top of that, if you kill them on the cliff a couple of times, they are basically shut down early game. No gold, no items, no XP, GG no re.

      And if you still think that this is unfair and OP, try it yourself. The best way to learn someones weakness is by playing like that someone. You can say that pudge is OP all the time. But if you play with pudge for a couple of games and get sicced by ember, OD, Brood etc. you'll learn what makes pudge vulnerable and what makes him tick.

      That is all.