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Burrowstrike and map

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    Since when is POTM leap a bug? It has a 0.01 second windwalk which is why you can't evade with true sight.


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      Fixing a bug with another bug? Splendid!


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        I herd you like bugs, so I put an bug in your bug so you can cheat while you cheat


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          Originally posted by Nero View Post
          Look mirana dodging stuns is a bug but its a part of game, crixa dodgin stuns with burrow strike, most of the transformation spells and dodging with them is a bug. But its a minor bug that makes game interesting. This isnt game breaking bug its more like a feature or part of gameplay if you know what i mean. It wouldnt do any harm..
          Mirana and Sand King's disjoints are not bugs or exploits. They are purposely made to dodge projectiles. They ask for great timing, and in turn, the player is granted spell immunity, of sorts. When she was first released, Mirana's Leap used to grant her full-time invulnerability (that is, during the entire leap). Then it was changed specifically to 0.1 (0.01?) seconds so she would still be able to dodge spells with it, but require perfect timing.
          Originally posted by Nero View Post
          ^ i think Ice wouldnt agree with you :/
          I could be wrong, but I believe the subject was discussed and he confirmed that there was a reason for the ability to disjoint projectiles.


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            Originally posted by Nero View Post
            ^ i think Ice wouldnt agree with you :/
            I think If Icefrog wanted this in the game he'd have done so and not waited for us to ask him to, regardless.. I don't think we need this in the game.


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              Also, POTM has no invulnerability whatsoever during leap. As I said before, you can counter POTM's projectile dodging by having True Sight over her (Gem, Dust etc.) as her Leap has a 0.01 second windwalk. You don't need great timing at all (there isn't a 0.01 second window to dodge projectiles), it's actually very easy. Not sure if you can do that in Dota 2, but that's how it works in WC3 DotA.
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