Here is the bugs:

1) Today i was playing with standart new interface( i mean small minimap) and when i tried to left click on it to see what is going on on the other lane i couldnt do that.
I can use left click on the minimap to change my camera view only if i hold my left mouse button for a few seconds(3-5 second). Then i tried to use extra large minimap
and my left click works, but not always ( i don't know why but sometimes it works fine and sometimes it has the same reaction as standart minimap)

2) The second bug i see on both minimaps (standart and extra large). When i try to right click on minimap( to point my movement using minimap) the cursor is going through it
and my hero doesn't go to the place i have clicked on minimap, it goes somewhere near my current location cause clicks go through minimap! I have feeling that there is area
on a minimap that is sensitive to my click ( this area is around the center of minimap) but other minimap area does not respond to my right clicks.