Match ID: 3497811405

This seemingly bug, (I hope) happened to me while I was playing LC at around minute 49-50.

The replay demonstrates LC TP-ing to radiant top side of the base, a bit behind the racks inside the trees.

I had expected to TP behind a tree or hidden in the trees, but to my knowledge I was gonna be able to get out of the trees simply by right-clicking any spot outside the trees. Alas, I found myself stuck between 4 trees, which made me unable to freely roam for around a minute and had cost me to lose the game.

Now after watching the replay, I tried replicating the result and found that when I TP to the exact same spot, I always get stuck in the same trees.

To my knowledge, there is no other place to tp that can get you stuck in trees (which is game breaking).
Hope this gets fixed soon.