Hi, mid tier 1 radiant you can dance around tree and the tower can atk whoever is chasing u. But dire mid tier 1, if you try to dance around tree, the place is out of range of your tower so enemy can chase without taking any dmg.

Also i love all the new skin and the fact that you are making a lot of money and building hype for dota 2, but I really miss dota 1 days, when every 2 month or so I would see a new dota hero. I realize there is less to balance back then, but man I think people are feeling the repetitive of playing the same few heroes and quitting. I dont think making season ranked instead of perma rank is the right way to get people back to playing dota 2(It might work, but is not the right way). I rather we have imbalance, but way way more ways that I can try to figure out how to beat that imbalance. I mean we can make all spell deal 300 dmg and the game would be balance but boring.
[G]: "why 2 hero per year"

Imagine a spell like morphling but that reduce your atk dmg to 0 but increase ms.
[G]: "dark templar but no ms when you have shield charges."

[G]: "item that fill the entire area with multiple avoidable lava that last 20 second."
I think tranquil boot is the only boot that is not viable late game. upgrade tranquil boot to be able to hold wards.
(all idea free of charge, you have permission to use it)