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Jungle doesn't spawn at start.

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  • Jungle doesn't spawn at start.

    I was playing lifestealer and was going to jungle with him. I waited at my teir 3 turret till jungle spawn. Went to the small camp and there were no monsters there. I thought maybe it was a graphical glitch and that they were still there. I walked into the middle of it and didn't get attacked. I checked the other camps and except for the large camp and the ancient no jungle spawned. After 13 minutes the jungle spawned and functioned as normal.

    Match ID

    Side note. We won that match despite it being a 3v5.

  • #2
    Working as intended. The enemy team put wards in each of those camps for the first 12 minutes -- and camps wont spawn if they have wards near them.

    After 13 minutes, the wards timed out, and the jungle spawned as normal. And yes, I looked at the replay to confirm this (it was funny).


    That said, is there a way we could make this more obvious to newer players? I can see how this would be very confusing to someone who didn't know how it worked.


    • #3
      Can't really make it obvious since that'd reveal there's a ward. Just need to be in the tutorial somewhere when they make it.


      • #4
        Originally posted by Kerostasis View Post
        That said, is there a way we could make this more obvious to newer players? I can see how this would be very confusing to someone who didn't know how it worked.
        You're right with this, but it has to be bundled with all the jungle stuff.
        I mean, it's not only that wards prevent creeps from spawning, it's also stuff like "when do they spawn", "which creeps spawn", "what are their abilities and when are they using them", "how do they stack", "how many stack", "how to prevent them from spawning" ...
        I found nothing of all these obvious and/or self-explanatory.


        • #5
          You have been warded son ^^


          • #6
            Wow gotta say the warded very agressivly. Gotta admit though the replay gave me some new ideas.


            • #7
              pretty good counter jungling using wards.
              Very good for countering Lycans as well.


              • #8
                I've seen people do that trick with branches. They dropped them in between some trees and the enemy team didn't notice them for a while.


                • #9
                  Do dropped items block jungle spawns?


                  • #10
                    No, dropped items dont block spawns. Boss_Kobra dont spread lies. Otherwise, I could just drop a branch at an obscure location which is hard to see but still blocks the camp forever.

                    There is a reason Wards have cooldown and only last 6min. If items could block camps, everyone would be doing it.
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