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Game freezing constantly and then enemy towers disappearing on minimap

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  • Game freezing constantly and then enemy towers disappearing on minimap

    I don't know what the problem is. It started happening post patch or maybe a little before it. Essentially, the game freezes up for about 10 seconds (no i'm not exaggerating), and then the enemy towers disappear on the minimap. The enemy towers show again when I restart Dota2 (even mid-game), but it just freezes and happens again. This has been happening every game. No, it's not my internet and I just updated the drivers for my video card yesterday. It is definitely DOTA2. Please fix this, it is really annoying.

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    Yes, i have this exact same problem and it's only started to happen very recently, within the last 2 patches. The game will just hang for 10 seconds and then it will resume, but the towers have all but vanished, and sometimes an enemy hero will be invisible to me. So i have to log out and then relog. It's at the point were it will happen every single game at least once, it's incredibly annoying. My internet is fiber optic and exceptionally fast so it's not a connection issue. I use an ATI card (5850) with the latest driver set. It's either a problem on that end or something newly implemented into the beta. Either way, glad to see i'm not the only one with this problem.


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        I was OK with this when it happened very rarely, still a beta, understandable, and fixed by a client restart (can be performed while ur dead, so no time is wasted).
        But I've just had a game, and it happened every minute to me, client restart wouldn't help. Worst of all before the buildings disappear, there is a huge lagspike (~7 seconds, screen is frozen, "connection problem" in the right top corner) and during it my hero just stands doing whatever it was last commanded. It basically ruined my game, being helpless in a teamfight for so long.
        Other people in game seemed OK at first, but later on my teammates failed to see ursa model (it was simply invisible to them), so I really dunno what is wrong here.


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          same issue here ... big lag spike, all enemy towers and buildings vanish and dont return unless I restart the client. Sometimes when this happens I get invis but present creeps, neutrals and player models ie they hit me, I can damage them but not see them. If i guess their location correctly I can get the ring on the ground to show but thats it

          only happened for the last week or so and infrequently for me, once every few days