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Plans on improving ward placing?

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  • Plans on improving ward placing?

    Is there any plan to fix the quirkyness currently making warding a mess? There are a lot of spots on the map which looks like perfectly fine ward spots, which dont work and give you an "invalid ward spot" message. In a stressed situation this can make the difference of a game won or lost, so I'd really love if you'd take a look at some of these spots.

    Added a great number of screenshots of awkward ward positions where I often get to try a few times before I succeed - if at all.

    I appreciate that a lot of these places are blocked for balance reasons, but then I suggest a better clarification (mountain tops rather than flat, ward-encouraging surfaces?).

    Another thing I noted is that its way easier warding inside the Radiant base than in the Dire one. Balance issue? Someone should compare these spots to DotA 1 in order to verify is this is a bug or intended.

    Screenshots of ward places: (the ones taken on may 9th)
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    bump. put a lot of work into this so it would be a shame if it went unnoticed.


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      ok, some of those hills might be a little bit confusing at first. but seriously, you try to place a ward there once, then you get the error "invalid ward location" and then you are done with it. i dont see the problem. do you want a here-you-can-place-wards-overlay?
      i am quite happy with seeing the wc3 dota map ported almost exactly and wc3 dota had those spots too.
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      Contributions i'd like to highlight:
      My Suggestion: Coaching System
      My Sticky: Intended Changes List
      My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


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        Agree completely with the OP, currently the way warding works all the spots are generic and easy counter.

        Current warding spots allow no real variation.


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          Hm I really need to clarify here. The problem in most cases is that there is some kind of cliff edge (even in specific standard ward locations) where map details such as bushes and cliff edges block warding where I dont believe they should be. What I want is a more clear indication of where wards are possible to place, not more places to place wards (unless it would improve the game in some way). In fact I believe a lot of the places I pointed out would be quite imbalanced if they were allowed, so I dont mind those, just the fact that it's hard to tell beforehand if theyre wardable or not.

          A specific example which in fact has gotten me killed a few times due to having to place the ward several times to make it work is this: where you have to place it way off the edge in order to make it work. You cant argue that this is like this for balance issues, but a bug in the map which should be fixed. I dont believe these details occur in WC3 dota, but I cannot be sure.


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            annoying issue for me as well


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              bump, is this intended (is it like this in DotA?) or has it been acknowledged?


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                I got this issue today on the top rune standard warding place. I tried to place a ward anywhere on that cliff for 30 seconds, spamclicking and alwayss the stupid invalid ward spot message.


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                  Bump. If someone could compare this to DotA it would be really great.


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                    I second this, I think we should be able to place wards wherever we want.


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                      also take notice


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                        Originally posted by Teboga View Post
                        I second this, I think we should be able to place wards wherever we want.
                        I think you misunderstood the idea of this thread. I don't think wards should be allowed anywhere (for balance reasons of course), but that there should be a clear indicator whether a place is wardable or not. I also think that some ward places are a bit misdesigned where details on the map lead you to believe that you can ward further out on cliffs than it's possible.


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                            I do agree that it can be a bit hard to see where you're able to ward if you're new. However, after I've spent a couple of hundred hours in the Warcraft III editor I do not see anything wrong with those ward spots you pointed out. The reason it may be hard to see where you're able to place wards is because of how fucked up the collision of the cliffs was in Warcraft III. Even if it may be harder to see it Dota 2, it should not be a problem because you will learn where you're able to ward and not. And of course, you'll need to adapt you come from HoN.


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                              PLACING A WARD ANYWHERE is ONLY IMPLEMENTED IN HON, i dont know if goes the same with LOL

                              , DOTA 2 is from DOTA 1, not from LOL HON or any other dota genre game

                              so it must be in par with DOTA 1.