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Plans on improving ward placing?

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  • #31
    Originally posted by k0i View Post
    But that is not a summary of the problem at all. You're suggesting completely new locations.
    For example, the following suggested location could hugely effect the balance (and being untargetable from one, maybe both sides of the cliff)
    I have no idea what locations are new or not compared to WC3, but my problem is that some areas (like the cliffs in the two pictures you quoted) look perfectly wardable, which could easily be fixed by simply making the cliff pointy (like a mountain) or some other indicator that it's not wardable.

    Originally posted by mindfaQ View Post
    I don't think we need additional visual clues on the map itself where wards can be placed and where not. Test it out. That's all.

    Doesn't this picture show that that isn't enough? While I know perfectly well that there are problems with this ward spot, I still mess it up from time to time due to wanting it to be as far out as possible.
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      I really hate it when I try to ward the cliff to the top left of Radiant's first tower (beside the ancient neutrals). It's a small but annoying issue.
      Another spot I can think of is the extremely high one nearest to the Radiant base, next to the first radiant large neutral camp from mid.


      • #33
        Originally posted by mindfaQ View Post
        Well the "quirkyness" could be dealt with by:
        - adding a visual hint to the mouse pointer, whether you are hovering a valid ward position (f.e. pointer turns green) or an invalid ward position (f.e. pointer turns dark red)
        This should really address the problem without changing anything in the terrain at all.


        • #34
          Originally posted by Heroico View Post
          This should really address the problem without changing anything in the terrain at all.


          • #35
            you guys already tested these spots in DotA 1? i think these cliffs are just diff in visuals.

            the wards by Team Dignitas guide are easy wardable in my opinion and the upper spot of the radiant T1 tower wasnt wardable in DotA 1 either as i remember.


            • #36
              Originally posted by MaKacknAffe View Post
              you guys already tested these spots in DotA 1? i think these cliffs are just diff in visuals.

              the wards by Team Dignitas guide are easy wardable in my opinion and the upper spot of the radiant T1 tower wasnt wardable in DotA 1 either as i remember.
              That's what we're talking about. The difference in visuals makes warding difficult since you have to click multiple times if you plant it slightly off. We're just discussing if DotA 1 had the same bushes that block warding, sometimes messing up your ward placement.


              • #37
                as i already said these green grass/moss was in DotA 1 the cliffs itself as i remember. Same thing with some of the others spots maybe blocked by unpassable terrain (blocker in wc3 editor). These near cliff wards seem to be on the cliff instead of beside it. So remember the cliffs in DotA 2 are thinner.


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                    Tbh i think the 'invalid location for ward' it's annoying, the system shouldn't limit spots, the best option imo is to make those spots useless. If the person warded and realized the ward is useless on that spot well bad luck, you won't do it again, but the message is annoying and make the warding less efficient -> and less efficient means more chance to get killed with a hero that wards -> never got money -> BIG ISSUE, for usual carrys this problem may be irrelevant but for the supports it's a huge deal. So please fix this because screws the gameplay.

                    An example of this is the images k0i posted at the third page, since while he got the screenshot it was a invalid location, now it just places it on the nearest valid position, so it would be really useful if you can do this on the other 2 troubling spots (posted by waqar)

                    but by now it does limit the gameplay

                    C ya

                    The ones posted by waqar (the 2 links) are still not fixed (and the ones we use quite often) so please give it a look ^^
                    Last edited by knurlhelm; 09-08-2012, 11:56 AM. Reason: some spots are fixed


                    • #40
                      I would like it so there is some indicator on the cursor that tells you whether or not you can place the ward there before you actually place it.


                      • #41
                        This happened to me again today, I don't know why there's no response at all to this. I've learned the most popular wardspots by now, but twitch-placing a sentry ward has as much chance of succeeding as not near edges of cliffs. Please, Valve, is it so hard to just give an answer?


                        • #42
                          Why do you feel like they have to give you an answer? They probably know about the issue already...
                          Healthbar & lasthitting
                          Shop Layout - Legacy Shops
                          Tooltip issues compilation
                          How to create a better dota 2 environment


                          • #43
                            T-up, i created a similar thread , with 4 new ward spots, they would not affect balance at all, as they can be targeted easily and both sides would have new spots.
                            It would only change the way you play the game.


                            • #44
                              Originally posted by blash365 View Post
                              i am quite happy with seeing the wc3 dota map ported almost exactly and wc3 dota had those spots too.
                              Sarcasm? It'd better be.