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Dire Flying Courier = Dire Disadvantage

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  • #31
    all i saw was the courier with a troll face which means the user that created this topic is a troll.


    • #32
      Originally posted by zero.halfblood View Post
      all i saw was the courier with a troll face which means the user that created this topic is a troll.
      Not the user, the courier.
      The courier is trolling players by sitting on the shop and forcing you to click on him.


      • #33
        Wow, tons of threads already on this subject :O
        The earliest one seems to be the last cited, from 11-30-2011. 6 months. And they still haven't fixed it.


        • #34
          I just really don't get it, instead of realizing you are playing the game in a significantly less efficient way, you qq about the problems your decision to play in this fashion makes for you. I don't think you are an idiot for clicking the shop to open it, but you are clearly either a casual player or not actually in a hurry. why don't you just casually walk the courier away from the shop.

          If your primary concern is speed, using a hot key allows you to shop without even needing to look away from your lane, If you cared more than me you can further speed up the process by also eliminated the need to click items to purchase through the use of hot keys as well. This is not subjective, the fastest way to perform any action in the game that does not require aiming is its hot key aka keyboard shortcut.

          If your primary concern is to complain about useless things so that valve continues to ignore your posts and the forums continue to grow animosity towards you, feel free to keep responding to this thread in the manner of Diabolic.


          • #35
            Had this problem in the beginning aswell, but since my shop is on T and my courier on mouse4 I never watch the base anyways.


            • #36
              Change it. When I started playing Dota2 I also had this problem, now I just used hotkeys etc. but as a DotA player I was just too used to clicking the shop. Had to change my habit (part of the reason was this annoying courrier lol).

              Originally posted by poogs View Post
              Exactly, lol... what? Must be a LoL thing -.-
              More like you must be HoN player
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              • #37
                Please move the courier... like seriously. Its annoying.
                "Better to run, than curse the road." - Clinkz, The Bone Fletcher.


                Does anyone else think that Icefrog didn't make this update?


                • #38
                  Originally posted by Diabolic View Post
                  We demand fix, not a workaround. Your post is pointless.
                  I definitely agree.


                  • #39
                    They are too busy making new item models to make money instead of just fixing the game, sadly.


                    • #40
                      Originally posted by blash365 View Post
                      In 3 weeks time, the oldest thread will be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!



                      • #41
                        Just feed the courier to the Radiant -> problem solved lol