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Fountain spawn location imbalance (radiant/dire)

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  • Fountain spawn location imbalance (radiant/dire)

    There is an imbalance to your spawn location in the fountain. When you spawn on the radiant side you are safe from most heroes from being attacked. For example shadow fiend cannot attack you without him being attacked by the fountain. However on the dire side, shadow fiend can attack every spawn position that the dire can spawn in without being attacked from the fountain.

    I motion that the radiant should spawn in a closer position within range of shadow fiend just as the dire spawns.

  • #2
    No idea if this is true, but if it is then i agree.


    • #3
      Still an ongoing issue.


      • #4
        How is this compared to D1?

        Also even though I agree it should be changed, this is definitely a low priority to fix since it only affects gameplay when you are already being steamrolled and they can afford to camp your fountain.


        • #5
          Originally posted by jam3972 View Post
          How is this compared to D1?
          Who cares? It should be equal for both sides.


          • #6
            just to clear this out: SF can attack a spawning Dire hero safely in an horizontal direction? if yes, I assume the spawn point is the same point a courier goes to when you use its ability to go to base. it should be a little bit to the right.


            • #7
              Originally posted by Pilzquadrat View Post
              Who cares? It should be equal for both sides.
              I agree it should but if it's the same in D1 then this needs to go to playdota forums. if it's not then it's a bug and devs need to fix.


              • #8
                actually i realized how close you spawn at the entrance of the fountain dire, i was slark and it was so easy to kill them even with diving, if u want the replay than ask, u can easily see the flaw and tell how close enemies are to the entrance; it was easy for slark to kill them as their spawn location is flawed.


                • #9
                  Why should it be equal? The Dire already have Roshan on their side. They may as well add a second Roshan and make the map exactly identical on both sides. How boring.


                  • #10
                    new maps