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Chronosphere affecting fountain

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  • Chronosphere affecting fountain

    Chronosphere (faceless void's ultimate) disables the fountain which enables the other team when fountain diving to be complete a$$holes. Usually, when your getting fountain dove your losing anyway, but it just adds another layer for people to exploit this so that they can farm kills. The point of the fountain is to prevent the other team from entering, his Ult totally disables it. The Dota community is already filled with a bunch of degenerates and this just allows them to continue their ways. When i'm already losing a game and clearly the other team is going to win they don't need an extra incentive to be douche bags.

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      Chronosphere has always frozen the fountain, no? Getting fountain farmed is lame, I know, but it is kinda part of the game. I'm sure most of us also enjoy doing it to the enemy team every now and then...
      "Better to run, than curse the road." - Clinkz, The Bone Fletcher.


      Does anyone else think that Icefrog didn't make this update?


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        It could be an intended change. It was changed to not affect the Fountain a few months ago and then it suddenly became able to do so again after a Patch which enabled it to hit invulnerable buildings.


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          Was just watching SingSing fountain raping against M5. Lmao.


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            Also, in dota1 fountain had a HP and can be destroyed (I don't know about newer versions)

            The point of the fountain is to prevent the other team from entering, his Ult totally disables it
            You want to see a 'fountain' that 'prevent(s) the other team from entering'? Play League of Legends and try to dive in. Get 6 Guardian Angels and just jump in and see what happens next.

            Also, it's a general rule of thumb when you're getting pubstomped to sell everything you have bought up to that point and save up for a Force Staff so you can kill those supposed 'douchebags' without doing much. I do call these people dirty words when I get frustrated at certain points, but I don't go up to forums to specifically call these people douchebags or cunts. Get off your high horse.

            Also, calling dota2 players degenerates? Really? Do these players strike you as "immoral or corrupt"? There is a fine line between trolling, fountain camping and immoral or corrupt.
            Last edited by msquabbles; 09-27-2012, 12:30 PM.


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              isnt the whole point of playing dota already being corrupt and immoral? i mean you kill/manipulate/trick people while keeping them from doing so to you. This is like you want to step on people while do not let people do so to you.


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                Who cares if they're farming fountain kills? If they're capable of doing that then you've lost already. If it causes that much angst for you, sell all your items and buy a blink dagger + quelling blade and proceed to build you a little base in the top left jungle.

                If we follow your line of reasoning, omniknights ult should be removed, heart of tarrasque should be banned, and all illusion heroes should have to submit a formal request before being allowed to come up your ramp.
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                  Why should the game be more forgiving for the losing team and less rewarding for the winning team? Because you're always losing? Then that's your problem.