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getting stuck on the map

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  • getting stuck on the map

    i know this is what happened in dota 1 and all, but i was wondering if you have any plans on preventing people from getting stuck on some cliffs and such in the map when using blink abilities

    in HoN theres some sort of system that recognizes when you are stuck and gives you free movement to get out of cliffs, i dont know exactly how it works and sure, it is exploitable, like earthshaker can trap himself to walk over a cliff to the river, but its just not that worth to spend 170 mana and wait like 10 seconds or whatever the time it takes to recognize you are stuck to walk that distance

    i mean, since im not used to this, i manage to get myself stuck in the cliff right up the river near the radiant secret shop after escaping a gank with pucks Q-D

    i had no money and no mana... and tought "im gonna be here for a while", after some time, around 45 secs, an enemy shows up in the river and since i was in higher ground with sight, i attacked (cuz theres no hotkey to cancel auto-attack), getting killed...

    i highly doubt that its any game-developer the intention to leave someone stuck helpless for what could be 135 seconds, (if you have courier) just cuz you made a simple mistake

    sry for the long post, just wanted to make my point and ask if you are planning on doing something about this, or gonna leave it the way it was on dota 1

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    there is already quite a huge thread about this issue:
    [Confirmed] VS, DS or Batrider moving heroes into inescapable places

    given that in your case it was pretty much your own fault, you should try to support the real issue (heroes being able to get enemies or allies stuck) in the already existing thread.

    Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

    Contributions i'd like to highlight:
    My Suggestion: Coaching System
    My Sticky: Intended Changes List
    My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage