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Map design

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  • Map design


    I've just got my Dota2 invite just today! Woot. Anyways, I have been playing Dota since..7 years ago, back when Juggernaut had that Omnislash bug as such, I feel compelled to mention a few things. I have just played Dota2 and I personally find that the controls have streamlined, making it very convenient to shop (once I got a hang of it), but after only 1 game, my eyes are already starting to hurt- I didn't poke myself in the eyes after one game-, and I think it's because of the map design. I believe these are the causes:
    1) The colors used for the map is really indistinct from one another- from what I saw, the main colors used are pastel in nature, so it makes differentiating the trees from the ground difficult, as opposed to Dota.

    2) The depth of land throughout the map is, likewise, indistinct- the slopes can't really be differentiated from even ground, and again, very different from Dota, which was much more visual friendly.

    3) I appreciate the TF2 take on Dota2, but I sometimes don't see a difference between the heroes and creeps, until I click on them or stare at them for more than a second; perhaps make the heroes larger in size?

    4) Pinging on map is meant to draw team members' attention, but the pinging action in Dota2 is too small in radius, and again, indistinct from the minimap as the background.

    Anyhow, I am back to playing Dota, though Dota2 looks more dedicated as a game, it is very uncomfortable playing it.

    Thanks for reading, it's my opinion of Dota2 after 7 years of playing Dota, and I hope some changes can be made to these, please.
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    Yeaaa, when I was new to Dota 2 as well, I thought of the same. I didn't like the visuals at all, since I considered it "too pretty". Buuut after some time, I kinda got used to it and after 30ish games, I finally adapted to it. Whenever I'm at work and I play Dota 1, I'm kinda sad about it's "poor" graphics, lol.

    And, I'm sorry, but I don't agree with you on your 4 points... Though I didn't like the visuals at first, I had almost no problem with distinguishing the trees, slopes, heroes, and I also had no problem with the new ping... In fact, I love the new ping. It's more versatile now, since you can use it for pseudo-communication, like "Attack," "Defend," and such...

    Anyway, like I said, you'll just get used to it...


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      I would recommend you to play more games, the change from dota1 to dota2 is not easy because you are used to dota1, like you said you were playing it for 7 years what did you expect the change to be easy? But believe me after 20-30 games you'll love dota2 and never look back.


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        When I was switching from DotA to Dota 2, I watched many Dota 2 replays, that really helped before getting my key. Although I didn't play DotA nearly as long as you did.


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          wow you play just ONE game and you complain...


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            Thank you for all your replies, especially the first, second, and third comments, except the fourth one that was just asinine- I took your advice and tried playing a few more rounds, and I guess you guys are right, the graphics don't seem to bother me as much as before, and now I am playing it more than I did Dota, which is also why I took this long to reply to this thread and give thanks. So anyhow, thank you all.


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              you think my post is stupid? you judged the game after one match so....


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                just today!

                Stopped to read here.