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Fountain Area

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  • Fountain Area


    I would really like to see a larger area around the fountain, especially behind it.
    It might not effect "pro" games as much but for the casual gamer it is really frustrating to lose a game, having to stay in it until the game is over, wasting 15 minutes of your life being fountain farmed.

    Since there is not really much space to withdraw it just invites player to farm you at the fountain over and over again, even making it really easy for heroes like Lich which just throw in your ulti and see you die.

    If there is little space for a reason in DotA2 then another feature should be implemented to prevent this.
    I have no problems with losing in that sense but being farmed over and over again without me being able to prevent it is very frustrating and I think I'm not the only one with this opinion.


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    Especially considering that in DotA 1 it was possible to hide behind fountain in the trees. The new design actually invites people to fountain-farm, when IMHO it should be discouraged.
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      I would suggest an invulnerability option when in fountain or something (like, it locks down your hero), but that might stop heroes like invoker, aa, or clock from doing their cool sniping things. I agree there should be something to stop fountain farming though. In fact, with a surrender option, fountain farming would be a non-issue anyway, maybe that's the real solution?
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        invunerability option like there was on wc3, you had an option like that on the circle.


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          I've actually suggested this before, but seems like not many supports it :/

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                  The fountain has higher range now so it's ok



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                      and please break the invulnerable thing.


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                        Pudge's hook reaches pretty much 100% of the fountain area, so that's pretty fun to abuse when you're winning. I'm not sure if you can tango your way to a safe spot behind the fountain.


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                          T-Up ofc.


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                            +1 ofc. Pudge can fountainfarm very easy, also it's not possible to move leavers to a spot where they can not be attacked. Also, the fountains higher range is unimportant in lategame where you are really farmed.


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