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Ramp and fog issues

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  • Ramp and fog issues

    Mid felt differently, so I went about fooling around finding some discrepancies between both games, and found this. See and judge for yourselves:

    It seems that in WC3, if you are over a certain point of Z-axis (which seems to be at a rather low threshold), you get vision over the ramp.
    These little bumps also helps. The Sentinel side has them as well (see the two shaded areas of Sent's ramp?)

    I think there's more about mid than just this, but this is a start.

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    Same thing bothers me a lot.

    Winter solstice.
    Originally posted by uebok
    Muted scum shouldn't have an option to disagree with me. That's why they're muted.


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      This changes the mid metagame a lot. And I do mean a lot. But this is not limited to what happens middle obviously, but anywhere with a ramp involved with fog of war. I think this vastly changes how the game "feels" when making the transition from DotA 1 to 2. I think there's more than this issue when it comes to the weirdness I felt in mid lane. However, though I have some sort of an idea, I must play more and run more tests to be sure.


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        i i like more the new way ... fells more real ...


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          Actualy me to like new way ! But it needs to be jugged by pro players is it bad or good


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            like counter strike 1.6 there still people in comunitty who dont use counter strike source because the felling is diferent ... very funny, but i doubt anyone will still in dota with dota2 in open beta ...


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              I think how much one likes this or does not means little. It's about getting it right with DotA 1. Unless, this is what Icefrog intends, in which case, as players, we just play the game as is and learn to live with it.


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                i hate this 2, fix it! dota2 should be identical in mechanics with dota1, don't understand why they make 1000 changes of the game, this is the main reason HoN failed to atract the dota1 comunity, "allmost" same game but very different cuz of so called "small" changes.


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                  Originally posted by pglppasarel View Post
                  i hate this 2, fix it! dota2 should be identical in mechanics with dota1, don't understand why they make 1000 changes of the game, this is the main reason HoN failed to atract the dota1 comunity, "allmost" same game but very different cuz of so called "small" changes.
                  I don't know anyone that plays DotA over HoN because the map is slightly different. Generally it's because of something they dislike about the heroes or balance of the game, or for that matter a lack of a hero.

                  The game will evolve with Dota 2, players should expect a lot of things to change.


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                    Personally i LOVE HoN over DoTA. HoN really has much better graphics and better heroes. It is more fast-paced as well. Dota 1 is really, really, slow.... Dota 2 is addictive though for some reason.


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                      Pretty much agree with op , but please dont make tis into lol or hon this is a dota port

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                        "because the map is slightly different" this is not a slightly change, it makes the game feel different for the ordinary players, and changes the game a lot for proplayers. i personaly like the hon engine,camera view,small hitbox models for heroes, better then the actual dota2, because it is very similar with dota1. i know a lot of people that don't like dota2 because of this things,and i know this cuz i am in a tight relationship with the romanian dota comunity, i am not talking about 3 people i am talkin about 100-200 . but i do hope u are right and there will be changes in the future, i guess now they concentrate their work on another part of the game, that's why a lot of bugs known are still existing.


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                          IceFrog is still the team manager. If he wants it like this, he gets it. The only reason why DotA is what it is is because WC3 engine accepts it as such. /srs

                          And yeah, Valve should be sorry about making changes. When you make a sequel, you have to make EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of the game to be the same as the previous one! Oh, and not only that! Let's participate in BETA and just PLAY PLAY PLAY and COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN instead of submitting actual bugs, which we are supposed to be doing in a BETA phase game!
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                            DotA 2 was supposed to be almost identical, except for fixing inconveniences and bugs such as windwalk interfering with crits and bashes. IceFrog said that himself, and what we have now doesn't live up to his words, though still might get changed, but these are the things that should have been done right from the start.
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                              @demax , i wonder how many % from the actual available steam accounts with dota2 are posting here . the bad thing on forum is that u post a bug, and get no answer from an operator. i posted 3-4 threads and got no replay, although there were obvious bugs and tested. what i mean is , if i post that a hexed pudge with rot activated does 0 dmg and slow in dota1, and in dota2 it works while hexed, i need an answer if it is intendend or it has a small priority and it will be fixed in the future. this way u will know what kind of bugs are they searching now, and focus on them so we can make dota2 a better game faster.
                              @ai-nyan i perfectly agree with u