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Ramp and fog issues

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    Maybe he just wants to change the metagame?
    Every person who touched the World Editor in Wc3 knows that the engine is limited, the editor is powerful but there are alot of hardcoded things you just cant change. And maybe Icefrog wanted to have cliffs like this for all the years but the engine didnt allowed it. Now he can do what he wanted to do for several years.
    Just adopt to it, humans are made to adopt to new situation anyway. The metagame with the cliffs changed already and pro teams already used it to their advantage by using the higher ground, even more then in dota 1.
    Also "things" that cant adopt the changes just die out over some time anyway.


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      Originally posted by spektor View Post
      Source please. All I can find is this excerpt from initial Q&A:

      You and the likes of you are what's wrong with this community. Any little change is taken with extreme hostility. It's literally over the forums: "hurr durr we don't need dis new sheet giv us dota with new graphics" or, even more often, "derp it's from lol/hon it's bad". No weighted arguments, just plain hate for changes.
      Here's a proof, and just FUI, changes in FOW is pretty major difference to older players.

      Originally Posted by IceFrog View Post
      There isn't any changelog really, we've kept it up to date with the latest version of dota. Our intention is that there are no major differences, but of course the game is still in beta development.

      There are relatively minor changes primarily around fixing unintended bugs, like how the tower AI sometimes ignores Bat Rider completely (only partially fixed in dota1 recently), or Phase Boots causing critical strikes and bash to malfunction while active. Another example of a bug fix from dota1 to 2 is Maelstrom proc chance never working if you did not issue an attack order explicitly. We will eventually make changes in Dota2 (remakes, new content, etc), but when we do that it will be when you guys are actively playing it and seeing/testing the changes directly.

      As the tournament is being played, I'll do my best to clarify things whenever it is needed and as time allows.
      In this specific thread
      Pretty sure Ice has said the same thing with different lines in other occasions as well.

      And, no, seriously.... I have nothing against changes as long as they are rational and justified with explanation needed in cases like this.
      So, a pretty please, can we have a confirmation whether these changes in FOW are intended to stay or not from a Staff member, be it Ice Frog himself or someone else?
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        Keep in mind that this is Valve's first RTS with unit pathing and FOW. Whereas WC3 was Blizzard's third installment of the RTS series with years of experience. It may take Valve some time to get this correctly.


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          It's still in Beta, ok, everyone knows that. It's just that no official stance has been set whether this is going to get fixed or not.


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            Any updates on this? This is a pretty substantial difference.


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                  lol just lol

                  2 years after this and it wasnt fixed and its not even something so big to fix... valve keeps dissapointing me. gota add those hats wich 80% arent even made by valve but the community, t hey just add em and make money and we get this things not fixed. lame lame lame