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That blind spot in the rosh pit is missing

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  • That blind spot in the rosh pit is missing

    Sorry PGG...


    This eccentric area/spot is missing in Dota 2.
    One cannot see outside, and the ones outside cannot see the inside. It is almost fully covered with LoS blockers, that's why: Picture - Link

    Dear Valve Dota 2 developers,

    as you see this report, please close this thread and hide to somewhere deep inside your vault.
    Fix this as soon as you can, and do not ever announce an update note about it. Maybe put some cool-looking entities around there. Rosh pit actually really could have some remnants and ruins within.


  • #2
    What is the purpose of that blind spot? In Dota 1, the only purpose of that place is for Roshan to hide after hexed leading to everyone loses sight of him, and it is annoying to chase after him to that spot.

    Is it really need fixed?


    • #3
      It's so you can hide there and steal aegis :P


      • #4
        Pretty much a juke spot and hiding spot to steal the aegis +1


        • #5
          I am not sure about post #2, but for me the purpose of that spot was like the others said on post #3 and #4. It availed you to do things like hiding in the rosh pit when you see (with an allied observer ward) that some of your enemies are coming inside to check the rosh pit.
          Or things like attempting to steal the aegis as a Riki or Clinkz. If your enemies are not dumb, they will at least carry a dust while doing Roshan. You may hide there, occasionally come out to check how much left, and come out for the last time at the very last moment, so that you won't be seen and ambushed as they popped up the dust while rosh was only 25~50%.

          And if post #2 was also happening, then it clearly had a purpose of hiding the hexed Roshan as a defensive mechanism. Didn't really know that. In my opinion, it is one more reason to have this implemented


          • #6
            You probably not fight Roshan much. When fighting Roshan, if he gets hexed, he either runs outside to the river or inside to the above mentioned blind spot. If he runs into the blind spot, he just stays there until you come in and attack. It is a bit annoying when you're a ranged hero and lose sight of him. You have to run into that spot and receive several bashes on your head.


            • #7
              I confirm, this is a bug.


              • #8
                I would like to see this spot on Dota 2, I mean, it belongs to Dota!


                • #9
                  Debatable. It's part of dota 1 but it's fairly annoying seeig that when roshgets hexxed he runs back. Stop the hexxint problem and it's fine.


                  • #10
                    There are tons of changes to the terrain, this is just another. Most of the time there is just a lot less vision in WarCraft 3 DotA compared to DOTA 2.
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                    • #11
                      Originally posted by hoveringmover View Post
                      There are tons of changes to the terrain, this is just another. Most of the time there is just a lot less vision in WarCraft 3 DotA compared to DOTA 2.
                      This is a conceptual change to the rosh pit, and most likely an oversight as most people didn't know about that spot.

                      Removing this is removing the possibility for big plays.
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                      • #12
                        There are more blind spots than that... Like near the secret shop, you can hide behind the lantern :P
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                        • #13
                          Shouldn't Dota 2 add a few like this? I mean they're all bugs in Dota 1, but when there's a bug in Dota 2, "MUST FIX!".


                          • #14
                            Must fix.
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