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Reconnect not working for me

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  • Reconnect not working for me

    Hello guys, I can play Dota 2 normally and it's rare the times I get disconnected. However, if I happen to disconnected I can't reconnected back in the game. I've tried it a few times and it never worked for me.

    Does anyone know how do I fix it or is it a currently known game-glitch? Please help is appreciated!
    Fix how reconnection works now!

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    Help please?

    Because of the inability to reconnected I'm in the low priority matchmaking list. :/
    Fix how reconnection works now!


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      -Bumps yet again-

      Really, this is getting annoying. Recconected doesn't work for me. Do people here have any idea what's going on?
      Fix how reconnection works now!


      • #4
        Happened to me in a bot game. I timed out and I was unable to reconnect, since I got stuck in the loading screen.

        BTW My Internet connection is working fine, so I guess it's a server-side issue.


        • #5
          Same problem, ruined 2 games for me and my friends, and now i got low priority, after almost 80 games without a single problem... Fix it please while i enjoy low priority, wasting my friends's time for 24 damn hours...



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              Im getting exactly the same problem, exceeded number of retries and Server is probably not avaliable, though I have internet connection and can find another match, it just doesnt let me reconnect :/
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              • #8
                See? We all have the same problem but it seems like nobody has a solution for it. It's frustrating, now it says I have 4 abbandoned games which are all disconnects I got because I couldn't reconnect.
                Fix how reconnection works now!


                • #9
                  Loads of small threads with this topic, but still no response from Valve. Would be nice if this will be fixed soon, as it destroys playing matchmaking games with friends, as it forces you to go into low-priority matchmaking for one day. Noone of us did something wrong, as we try to reconnect, but our whole team is punished. (Waited 20 minutes for being allowed to join a game with my team yesterday)

                  Greetz and bump,


                  • #10
                    "Valve":--> cannot reconnect due to not being in a lobby---> either increase the leaver count or fix this please. Actually being a dev ... just make it 4-5 leaves before low priority.


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                      Bump for justice
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                      • #12

                        I got that same error too, and now I am low priority queue.


                        • #13
                          Got the same problem twice now... what is more, the second time, afer first reconnection attempt I was no longer able to even try to reconnect... :/

                          edit: and of course I have no problems with spectating the game when 'server is unavailable' for reconnection
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                            Bump. Having this same issue. I am totally unable to reconnect to games and have racked up several abandons over the last 2 days because of this issue. I reset my modem/router and my entire PC to try to be able to reconnect in time, but I can only seem to get in by the time the game is almost over which at that point it is moot.

                            Would like some help or any workarounds for this. I don't want to ruin games because I can't reconnect.


                            • #15

                              I'm frustrated as nobody presented a solution yet.
                              Fix how reconnection works now!