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Dota 2 EU-West Servers broken

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  • Dota 2 EU-West Servers broken

    This is a shame...

    Last time i won a game pretty much but everyone got kicked out for some reason and nobody could reconnect. I thought it would be a Draw now, even if i was about to win that.
    Well guess what? - LOOSE! I don't know how, but for some reason the enemy team was able to reconnect and get the win cuz we weren't there anymore.

    That was bad enough..

    But just now i started playing again and guess what? Another Server-Problem! This time me and my friends (3 Stack) couldn't play cuz we had pings between 250 - 400. I wasn't even able to lasthit properly. That's gamebreaking... Queen of Pain comes in, uses her skills, blinks away and i can't even do anything except activate Rage cuz i was naix but after that: DEAD AGAIN! Enemy team won . I never ragequitted really before but now i did.

    I just want to let you know that the servers in EU-West are bad. Fix that pls. Now i understand why everyone is joking about the EU-Servers in Dota 2.

    In your last update you said that you made server-upgrades... but you made it even worse.

    Dota 2 is not playable sometimes for me and thats just sad. I really love dota and im a big fan. But if LoL,HoN,Blizzard or other MOBA's are able to host servers properly, then Valve too... Fix your servers, please!

    //EDIT: We live in Germany and there were NO LAGGING-Problems at all before!
    Raging about LP is my thing ^^

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    Valve is disgusting when it comes to arranging their horribly crap servers... Maybe in the near future they will stop writing on blogs and newspapers how they are good at creating space for young people to work in and how they actually help economy and crap, but should say that they are crap ..