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Hero Builds Cloud Server Issues and Problems

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  • Hero Builds Cloud Server Issues and Problems


    I've been using the Hero Builds system since its release back in February, 2013. Over the years, the issues that's plagued the system has caused many previous guide makers to quit. Here is an old thread that talked about the previous issue that's now fixed:

    Hero guides become 'undefined' if changed while currently using that guide in-game (if I am the author of that guide).
    They still load in-game, but can't be changed or altered otherwise you get the error: "Unable to load Hero Build file: 630785942991813154!"

    I need to access these guides to properly update them.

    Here is the Axe guide: -- however it is 'undefined' in the cloud storage.


    Some hero guides de-sync with the versions found on the workshop. They are the same guide, but the guide pictured without the 'published' tag, no longer can be altered (only published into a new guide, which is just a duplicate of the guide it was originally attached to). I don't want to republished these guides because my current version of the guide found here: are becoming quite popular.

    Current Issues for Patch 7.00

    Bad news, the current hero build system works - but is bugged in a variety of ways that both hinder the project and *personally-used hero builds*. It seems that this new hero builds system separates itself from its web-based counterpart. Here is a list of issues:

    Hero Build Cloud Server Bugs
    3. User name cuts off when guide was last updated in during Pre-Strategy Period

    4. Cannot create more than one Scratch Hero Build in-game. Any newly-created scratch build will replace the current one made

    5. Cannot rename Scratch Hero Builds to another title (in-game or via Web-client)

    8. The drop-down list for user actions ('edit', 'view', 'view on steam community', 'publish hero build') can sporadically close if user takes too much time on his/her selection

    13. Any hero builds you previously subscribed to, must be re-selected in-game.
    13.1 (Previously, any guides you created would show up in-game under ‘Draft’ Builds)
    13.2 (Typically any guide you personally subscribe to, from the Steam Community hub site, would display in the in-game listing, regardless of public rating)
    13.3 (Typically you need 25 ratings (or three stars) to get your guide publicly listed in-game)

    14. Hero Build Cloud Server does not list the full details of abilities when hovering over their icon - details such as damage, duration and more are missing compared to in-game or any community-wiki site.

    15. Hero Builds no longer request 'ratings' from subscribed users after a match

    Hero Build Skill Points Suggestion Bugs

    4. Hovering over talent tree perks with suggested tooltips do not show (unlike abilities that still show written tooltips)

    5. Old tooltips of the attribute points (Patch 6.88) still show within Steam Community Page versions of the hero builds

    6. Ability and talent tree images do not show via the Steam Community version of the hero build

    Specific Talent Tree/Perks Bugs
    4. Specific Talent Tree Perks’ tooltip descriptions no longer pop-up when selecting a new perk (only when hovering cursor over the icon)

    Specific Hero Build Bugs
    2. Invoker's Skill levels are bugged:
    2.4 Cannot input suggest kills between levels 17 to 24
    2.5 When loading Invoker via the web-browser, the skill build automatically shifts to the left, bumping skills to a level lower than intended.

    5. For Centaur Warrunner (patch 7.01) and Invoker (patch 6.88), users can suggest to skill two 'talent tree' perks of the same tier at level 10 and 11 through 25

    6. For Wraith King (patch 7.01), users can suggest to skill one 'talent tree' perk per levels 10-15-20-25; however the system will still 'allow' the suggestion of another 'talent tree' perk at the same tier. If the user selects that other perk, the previously selected 'talent-tree' perk of the same tier will become de-selected. Minor UI issue.

    Scratch Builds Inconsistencies
    3. 6.88 Hero Builds (unchanged since 7.00 launch) can skill talent trees of the same tier

    Outstanding Current Hero Build Issues

    Bug 5
    Cannot add more than one tab to a hero build unless the user saves and reloads the guide.

    Bug 8
    Saving a hero build when no changes are made will causes an error display message, despite the option to 'save' is available, confuses users

    Bug 9
    Heroes that alter stances or abilities (Troll Warlord/Lone Druid) lose their ability suggestion highlights (when using a hero build) unless they switch to their original loaded form

    Bug 10
    Necromonicon level 2-3 and Diffusal Blade Level 2 and Boots of Travel level 2 cannot be found in the Hero Builds Cloud Server page

    Bug 13
    Rating (thumbing up) or subscribing to guides on Steam Community don't necessarily get toggled or register in-game.

    Bug 14
    Saving changes on a hero build has an increased delayed response

    Bug 15
    Adding and confirming new text has an increased delayed response when hitting "save"

    Bug 18
    The "Starting Items" tab cannot be renamed or altered from its original text.

    Bug 20
    The apostrophe Symbol (" ' ") triggers additional characters to be added unintentionally: "\\\" once a hero build is published

    Bug 21
    Hero Portraits are incorrectly displayed via their Steam Community Pages

    Bug 22
    Hero Builds become completely inaccessible (for the author) when setting it to private via Steam Community: "Unable retrieve hero build details: 576975639!"
    22.1 If publishing the guide via the Cloud Server: "Private", the hero build from the cloud server will completely remove attachment from its original Steam Community public build
    22.2 Re-publishing this build will generate a new 'public' hero build, and the previous Steam Community attached version will no longer be accessible (see error message)
    22.3 To add, the 'private' build will also be set as 'unpublished' via the Cloud Server menu, re-publishing will cause it to just generate a new public hero build.

    Hero Builds system needs massive rehauling in a variety of areas, including its ratings system that keeps newer guides from making it to the top in addition to Hero Builds makers not being counted as workshop creators despite similar contribution to the game.

    Here are some suggestions:

    • Add Recipe function so guides can suggest users to buy the Recipe first instead (for example: Soul Ring)
    • Allow a Disassemble mention so users know to disassemble certain items (like Arcane Boots) when building Bloodstone or other items.
    • Remove guides that haven't been updated since 2013. A lot of the top guides haven't been updated and can confuse users who aren't aware of when it was last updated.
    • Implement a system where guides not updated on the latest major balance patch (6.84 - not b/c) are either highlighted as being outdated or guides updated/created on the latest patch are promoted better or receive higher value per rating given from users.
    • Allow Hero Builds to be added as a 'Collection' similar to items in the workshop. There is actually an option to do it; but it doesn't work or anything
    • Allow collections of hero builds from the same author, to be subscribed in one-click
    • Add an *arrow* or an *or* little text to differentiate which tabs players have a choice to buy OR if they should buy items in a specific order (not that big of a deal, but nonetheless)
    • When players are rating Builds in-game, allow a small comment box for feedback (I don't know about others, but I read all comments and mentions) [comments get posted on the Steam Community page of the build]
    • Add a small tab or button to press (maybe near the abilities) for users to switch Ability Builds in a Build. So essentially, if I want to two ways to play Slardar or Alchemist, I can input both forms of those item build orders in the game, but also associate ability builds as well)
    • Allow users to turn off or on the skill or item portions of a build, so if they have a certain way of playing the hero that deviates from the build, then they can at least use the item recommendations that still gets updated
    • Highlight on what patch or date X guide was last updated in-game (it shows on the Steam Community page) (IMPLEMENTED)
    • Top-Rate Guide section has both Hero Builds that can be found in-game and Hero Guides that are much more in-depth. Should separate the two.
    • Allow Shop filtering for items by their traits/gains
    • When playing a new hero for the first 5 times, Hero Builds suggestion should be highlighted; not only if you're an absolutely new player all-around.
    • Tagging option: (Safe/Offlane/Mid/Jungle). Would be pretty cool the guide could ping or highlight on the minimap as well when selecting a hero with a pre-loaded hero build.
    • Allow Hero Builds loading at the Hero selection screen instead of when the game starts (also allows the guides to be preloaded before the match starts) (IMPLEMENTED)
    • Allow users to select guides during hero pick or before pre-match start (IMPLEMENTED)

    Resolved Issues

    July, 2013 Topic

    Outstanding Current Hero Build Issues
    Bug 1 (RESOLVED)
    Confirmation button after saving Hero Build flickers uncontrollably and becomes unresponsive.

    Bug 2 (RESOLVED)
    Textboxes for items or abilities causes flickering when hovering your cursor over it. If the user tries to insert text, the textbox will disappear and cannot be reappeared even when clicking on any ability or item icons (user has to refresh the page)

    Bug 3 (RESOLVED)
    The Ampersand Symbol ("&") triggers additional characters to be added unintentionally: "amp;amp;amp;amp;" once a hero build is published

    Bug 4 (RESOLVED)
    Beastmaster guide can no longer be updated as the hero's ultimate cannot be skilled.

    Bug 6 (RESOLVED)
    On numerous occasions, an error will occur when publishing a guide stating a hero's portrait cannot be loaded: "Unable to upload hero portrait for: Leshrac!"

    Bug 7 (RESOLVED)
    Ratings (thumbs up/thumbs down icons) down in-game via the menu do not always save when user click ok to close said menu

    Bug 11 (RESOLVED)
    Earthshaker build fails to load the entire Hero Build (Ability portion). Also prevents saving from the Cloud Server (does not load "save" redirect either)
    Bug #11 affects all recently updated hero builds
    Fixed, occurs when there is high use (e.g. new patch released)

    Bug 12 (RESOLVED)
    Items and abilities fail to load their in-game descriptions (cost/description/cooldown) via the Cloud Server and Steam Community pages [no pop-up occurs]
    Fixed, occurs when there is high use (e.g. new patch released)

    Bug 19 (RESOLVED)
    User is unable to publish any guides to the public Hero Builds Cloud Server due to an error listed as: "Unable to upload hero portrait for: insert hero name here!"

    Bug (RESOLVED)
    Nature's Prophet Hero Builds can become declassified from the Hero Build listing and mistagged as "Nature\'s Prophet", becoming unable to be found in-game or available in search from the Steam Community Guide pages. Image attached shows what a Hero Build should be classified as: "Hero Build, 'Hero's name/Category' - Tags: 'English'" and what the Nature's Prophet new published causes
    Resolved Issues 7.00/7.01

    Hero Build Cloud Server Bugs
    1. Hero Builds can suggest stats despite the function removed (in-game, the guide will skip to the next suggested ability available (RESOLVED)

    2. Any new or current draft hero builds do not appear in-game, even when subscribed or created by the author UPDATE: Draft Hero Builds no longer appear in the in-game listing. Only personally published hero builds and community-rated hero builds.

    6. Editing Scratch Hero Builds via the Hero Build Cloud Server caused the tab titles to be misworded (RESOLVED)

    7. New Error message prevents loading the entire Hero Builds Cloud Server: "Unable to load Hero Build file: 105104124270974982" (RESOLVED)

    9. In-Game Heroes Showcase will display user-subscribed hero builds with 'Popular Items' tab included (regardless if actually a part of the author's hero builds) and with attribute tabs. 'Talent Tree' not suggested. (RESOLVED)

    10. Newly-created Hero Builds are not set to 'draft status' via the web-browser. They simply having]an untitled status similar to when the server is de-synced[/url]. (RESOLVED)

    12. Attribute Points can no longer be edited via the web-client or in-game, but it still displays any tooltips the user edited and saved prior to 7.00 (RESOLVED)

    13. This Instructions Page is inaccurate and no longer reflects the 7.00 UI update (RESOLVED)

    Hero Build Skill Points Suggestion Bugs
    1. All hero builds are unavailable to view outside of the client: "Error communicating with network" (RESOLVED)

    2. Hero Builds can suggest to skill ultimate abilities at a level earlier than intended (6/12/18) (RESOLVED)

    3. Ability tooltips no longer pop-up when user reaches a new level, only when cursor hovers over the icon (ability is highlighted to put a skill point in, but tooltips no longer auto-displays reasoning) (RESOLVED)

    4. Web-created Hero Builds can no longer make ability-based suggestions (RESOLVED)
    4.1 Pre-existing published hero builds are suggested to fill in the missing levels of their ability level suggestions in order to save a draft or publish
    4.2 Pre-existing published hero builds cannot suggest any other abilities to 'skill' as attribute points skills only show (and can only be suggested up to 4 times)
    4.3 Thus Hero Builds cannot make draft saves or publish unless they remove their ability level suggestions from their build (RESOLVED)

    Specific Talent Tree/Perks Bugs
    2. Specific Talent Tree Perks cannot be suggested, only described via tooltips - similar to items or additional abilities (RESOLVED)

    3. Specific Talent Tree Perks cannot have a suggested level on when to skill them (RESOLVED)

    5. Suggesting which 'talent tree perk to level will not highlight specific suggested perk in-game (nor to put a level/skill into the talent tree) (RESOLVED)

    6. Suggesting to skill talent tree is mis-aligned (RESOLVED)

    Specific Hero Build Bugs
    1. Invoker builds cannot be drafted or published. Cannot update their skill build as it asks to fill in the missing ability skill slots (but none can be physically added) (RESOLVED)

    2. Invoker's talent tree is incorrectly listed:
    2.1 Missing Level 25 Talent: -7s Tornado Cooldown
    2.2 Cannot skill "+25% XP gain" talent tree until level 20 (intended: level 15)
    2.3 Cannot skill "+35 Attack Speed" only at level 25 (intended: level 20).
    2.4 Cannot input suggest kills between levels 17 to 24

    3. Newly-published and currently published Monkey King Hero Builds are being mistagged/classified as traditional Steam Guides instead of in-game Hero Builds. This causes them to not appear in-game, regardless if subscribed or not. (RESOLVED)

    4. Recently updated Nature's Prophet Hero Builds are being mistagged/classified as traditional Steam Guides instead of in-game Hero Builds. This causes them to not appear in-game, regardless if subscribed or not. ONLY OCCURS TO CURRENT OR NEWLY-UPDATED NATURE'S PROPHET HERO BUILDS (RESOLVED)

    7. Monkey King builds (draft, personally-published or community-rated) hero builds do not show in the in-game listing (RESOLVED)

    8. Techies Hero Build, Underlord Hero Build(s) and Oracle are mis-classified as a traditional build. It still is listed in-game regardless. (RESOLVED)

    Scratch Builds Inconsistencies
    1. Scratch item build saved in-game and then loaded via web client come with a removable 'Popular Items' tab. User-created web-based Hero Builds have a pre-loaded 'Popular Items' tab in-game that cannot be removed or altered via the web server. Scratch builds also cannot remove the 'Popular Items' tab via the web-browser as it won't be reflected in-game. (RESOLVED)

    2. Deleting a scratch build via the web-based cloud server does not remove it in-game. It will reload in-game but will not appear on the web-based cloud server listing unless I modify and save the scratch build again in-game (RESOLVED)
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    On a constant basis, very frustrating.


    • #3
      Problem still persists with equal frustration and difficulty.


      • #4
        Problem still an issue, flickering prevents any new text updates for items.


        • #5

          New Bug, sometimes the ability build does not load


          • #6

            Also reflected via the Cloud Server
            Last edited by Torte de Lini; 07-29-2015, 01:44 AM.


            • #7
              Beastmaster also has a similar issue to Earthshaker.


              • #8
                also affects Elder Titan.


                • #9
                  Now affects the following hero builds:

                  Ancient Apparition Bugged (2x)
                  Axe Bugged (2x)
                  Earthshaker Bugged
                  Elder Titan Bugger (2x)
                  Beastmaster Bugged (2x)
                  Brewmaster Bugged (2x)
                  Dark Seer
                  Dragon Knight (2x)
                  Earth Spirit (2x)
                  Ember Spirit Bugged (2x)
                  Faceless Void
                  Keeper of the Light
                  Kunkka (2x)
                  Lina (2x)
                  Legion Commander (2x)
                  Lone Druid (2x)
                  Nature's Prophet
                  Nyx Assassin (2x)
                  Outworld Devourer
                  Phantom Assassin
                  Phoenix (2x)
                  Queen of Pain
                  Sand King
                  Shadow Fiend
                  Silencer (2x)
                  Storm Spirit
                  Templar Assassin
                  Troll Warlord (2x)
                  Ursa (2x)
                  Vengeful Spirit
                  Windranger (2x)
                  Witch Doctor

                  Related to when you recently update a hero build as these are all heroes I have updated in the past 2 months.


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                    • #11
                      Can't update any guides whatsoever until some of these bugs get resolved. Some hero builds are already 3 months delayed.


                      • #12
                        Seems to be an inconsistent error in terms of loading for Bug #11. Sometimes it loads, sometimes it does not. Very aggravating.


                        • #13
                          Guys, the page won't scroll down to the ability build, or to the save button below it, on any hero. The scroll bar is all the way at the bottom but it only displays the "Ability Build" tag, nothing below it, preventing me from saving any build. This is both in the client and on a browser.


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                            Originally posted by Mr. Plunger View Post
                            Guys, the page won't scroll down to the ability build, or to the save button below it, on any hero. The scroll bar is all the way at the bottom but it only displays the "Ability Build" tag, nothing below it, preventing me from saving any build. This is both in the client and on a browser.
                            It's already in the first post. IT's very annoying.


                            • #15
                              Problem still persists, builds still work in-game.