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Crashes to desktop during overclock

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  • Crashes to desktop during overclock


    I'm getting an odd bug where the game loads, but after the image has loaded, the game either crashes, or the image freezes and I am able to see my mouse and click on options that would be in game (but i cannot see them) and I get audio.


    CPU: Intel I5 4690k
    GPU: sli gtx msi 980s overclocked +100Mhz core and mem
    Screen: benq 1080p 144hz

    This problem only happens when I overclock to any +hertz. I have tested this with other games, and it works fine. Also works in heaven benchmark. On top of that, I noticed a weird crash where the game ran fine at 120fps max, but turning off max fps and it crashed as described above.

    Solutions I've tried: Observed Result:

    Running game in fullscreen. Game crashes.
    Switching resolutions Game Crashes
    Switching quality of game Game Crashes

    Any help would be appreciated. Would like to get >144fps all the time while playing, which I know is possible with my rig. For some reason, my GPUs when not overclocked never get above 50C, and their power consumption never gets above 50% (sli gpu is never above 13%).


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    Goal might be too ambitious for your system.

    You might have parts from a bad batch and can't be pushed further no matter what. Having a SLI system makes it even worse, as the motherboard represents a bigger part of the equation.

    You might need to apply more voltage to get a successful overclock.

    You might have a PSU that does not provide enough juice.

    Other games and benchmarks do not matter, only Dota 2 does. But do try stability with something like FurMark, Heaven is not really stressful.
    Troubleshooting crashes
    Dota 2 Resources: autoexec.cfg reference / benchmark.cfg / Tweak it yourself (launch options, cvars) / useful batch files
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      I am experiencing the same problem as you moartuba.

      CPU: i5-4670K
      GPU: Evga 980ti overclocked +100Mhz with Evga precision X

      Just like you, this overclock is perfectly stable for any other game or benchmark software but in dota 2 reborn, the game will either crash when loading in or just the video will freeze ~15 seconds into the game.

      The only way it works is if I remove the overclock back to stock (+0 Mhz)