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09/09/15 Update- Unplayable -GFX Setting LOW ONLY!!!

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  • 09/09/15 Update- Unplayable -GFX Setting LOW ONLY!!!

    Morning everyone,

    I used to play Dota 2 on MAX settings, full res + all else max. After the update I am ONLY able to make dota playable at ALL with lowest settings. I understand the change from Source 1 to source 2 is a big leap, but I think there is some issue with their upgrade as it doesn't make sense to go from MAX to the BARE minimum in one update.

    PC Specs:

    Alienware M17xR4 (October 2012)
    2.4 Intel Core I7-3630QM L2 Cache Size - 256
    8GB DDR5 Ram
    AMD Radeon HD 7970M
    480GB Sandisk Extreme Pro

    I used to play Witcher 2 on Max settings with lowered res so I doubt I can't play dota on max now, wouldn't make sense.

    I read a few posts with similar issues, my drivers are up to date, BIOS may be out of date but I'll get on that today, either way, if anyone has any suggestions please do advise.

    So far I found this (remove all your .cfg file from the dota directory, remove your launch options and start the game normally. Test.) Is this correct? Any good?

    I have already downloaded tools to OC my CPU and GFX card, however I am not a fan, I prefer a system that is stable rather then one that will blow up, thought I DON'T play 10 hours a day, 3 MAYBE 4 games a day and I'm done. I understand I can easily OC my CPU to 2.8mhz if it makes any difference.

    Help guys! Dota 2 is the only game that I play...used to play original Dota 7 years ago!

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    Yeah same here. I used to have 80-120 fps on source 1 engine and now I'm getting around 40-70 fps now. I never had to turn on vsync because I never face flickering in game but now I have turn down my refresh rate to 60hz not even 75hz so I can smoothly play the game on 60fps with vsync.

    And yes, sometimes with vsync on, fps drops below 40 as well.
    Using GTX 750 with i3-3210. And its freaking enough to run a game like Dota 2.


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      Yea i've got a 3 year old system, i appreciate that but I run Witcher 2 max settings lower resolutions, I doubt Dota 2 needs as much power as Witcher.

      Anyone any suggestions? help!


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        Originally posted by MuffinMan6969 View Post
        Yea i've got a 3 year old system, i appreciate that but I run Witcher 2 max settings lower resolutions, I doubt Dota 2 needs as much power as Witcher.

        Anyone any suggestions? help!
        i did answer you in private since i saw that first but i will copy it here since its your thread

        hi sir
        first of all we dont have a DDR5 ram yet its ddr 2-3-4 and 4 is the new one
        btw your system is a laptop by that mean we can't do any overclock but i have some tricks that maybe work

        1. go to your power option in control panel and put the power on high performance
        2. put a -high on your launch option
        3. go to your ati control panel > 3d setting and put everything on high performance (search the google or youtube for this one )
        4. you have enough ram for this game but you can increase the virtual memory it could help or dont use it you can test both (check google for more information ) can also put your system visual effects on adjust for best performance your system will look ugly but its effective
        6.before starting anygame make sure that you have less than 5-10% cpu usage you have a i7 yes but its a laptop i7 and laptops are so much weaker than pc
        7.update your video driver this can help a lot
        8.change your switchable graphic card to the dedicated one for better performance
        9. put your textures on high and render on max and turn on your specular too ( you can enable animate portrait too but it will get like 10 fps ) other stuff just disable it

        i hope these helps

        Good luck
        Full PC Specs :